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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a highly useful & detailed, free web analytics tool that can be utilised on any website.

  • Recognise Best Performing Keywords
  • Identify Best Revenue Sources
  • Refine SEO Campaigns
  • Monitor Your Click-Through Rate
  • Understand Visitor Movements
  • Track Your ROI


Web Analytics

The optimisation specialists at SEO Positive are firm believers in the benefits of Google Analytics.

Without utilising this world-famous web analytics tool, companies would be unable to visualise essential data and manage online marketing campaigns that are completely focused on performance.

Google Analytics is simply the smartest, most sophisticated web analytics software available to businesses. Completely free of charge, this tool allows you to monitor all activity on your website and will help you identify:

  • The main sources of your traffic
  • Which keywords are generating the said traffic
  • Which pages are visited the most
  • Where your conversions are coming from
  • How effective your campaigns are
  • Which aspects of your campaigns need improving

While any amateur marketer is able to install and operate the web analytics tool, success with this platform is gleaned from skill at a professional level.

It’s not enough to simply collect information from the programme – you need to fully understand the implications of the data and use it to optimise your website and your existing marketing campaigns.

By adopting an investigative approach towards your online marketing, we’ll help inspire confidence in your SEO and PPC strategies and teach you how to manage your budget more efficiently.

Google Analytics Management

Google Analytics is especially useful for online retailers who consider their website as their main source of income. Google Analytics can help such companies monitor the activity on the site and bring any performance issues to their attention sooner rather than later. As Google Analytics specialists, we can match the site data with your very own goals and recommend ways of improving your conversions and lowering your outgoings.

The team members at SEO Positive have years of practical experience when it comes to implementing, analysing and interpreting Google Analytics to aid the success of businesses such as yours.

Every web usability specialist possesses a Google Analytics Individual Qualification, which demonstrates their proficiency in the field, and all of our employees have worked with a wide variety of businesses, from self-employed tradesmen to international online retailers. In fact, we’re proud to employ some of the very best Google Analytics professionals in the industry, all of whom have been headhunted for their incredible skill and  talent.

When it comes to web analytics, we can provide our partners with a full consultancy service with a view to using the tool’s data to improve your site’s performance. We can even train you and your staff members to cement your understanding of Google Analytics so that you’re able to utilise it from day to day.

If you’d like to learn more about our packages, we suggest you get in touch with our sales consultants at the earliest opportunity.