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Call Tracking

  • Track Site Visitor Behaviour
  • Assist With Regional Targeting
  • Monitor All Advertising Channels
  • Identify Ineffective Marketing Campaigns
  • Improve Internal Lead Handling


Call Tracking Services

Call tracking can log a mountain of data, all of which can be used to improve your advertising campaigns and monitor your internal handling procedures.

The service on offer from SEO Positive will allow your marketers to:

  • Identify the locations of your caller to ascertain which regions are responding to your campaign(s)
  • Discover how the caller found your page, whether they came to your site directly or found you via organic search or paid advertising
  • Identify the keywords the caller used to find your site
  • Track the path of your visitor as they navigate your website
  • Log all incoming calls to monitor the performance of your staff and examine how well your company handles enquiries

Our sophisticated call tracking software can be seamlessly merged with Google Adwords and/or Analytics, which results in fully integrated conversion reports and a firm understanding of the effectiveness of your online and offline advertising campaigns. Of course, if you need help handling all of this new call tracking data in conjunction with other associated tools, you can employ our web analytics team to monitor all of these programmes to support your business and deliver recommendations with a view to improving the performance of your site.

Call Analytics Packages

Call tracking is a unique service that is best suited to businesses that seek to generate leads from the web rather than direct sales.

If your company considers a phone enquiry as a conversion then this service can help you understand the impact your current site has on your bottom line.

It’ll also help you manage your sales processes to boot, as you can even record your sales calls in order to better understand your current level of customer service.

And, thanks to the flexibility of our team, each and every package can be tailored to the exact needs of your company, so you’ll benefit from a completely unique, unobtrusive strategy that will ultimately define your ROI and prove the real worth of your website to your company.

We’re certain that these services can benefit almost any business. For completely bespoke call tracking solutions, call SEO Positive today to speak with one of our sales consultants.

You’ll be amazed by the opportunities on offer. Remember, you can always combine our call tracking packages with any one of our organic search, paid search or web usability services for even better results!