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    Message From The MD

    These days there are plenty of digital promotions companies offering optimisation services. In fact, the industry has developed at a rapid rate since we made a name for ourselves back in 2007.

    But even as technology advances and web-based marketing becomes a more complex field, business owners continue to search for an SEO agency that remains down to earth and that clearly has their best interests in mind.

    Our number one priority is you, our client. We’re different because we care about your bottom line. We also know that our customers appreciate our honesty, and that our transparency appears refreshing in an industry that’s often shrouded in jargon. We refuse to promote unrealistic expectations but remain a results-driven business.

    As CEO of SEO Positive, my philosophy has always been this: our partners’ success is our success. This is why we’ll consciously work to your individual objectives and seek to maximise your ROI from day one.

    Our company has earned the respect of both our clients and our major competitors in 2011. The year brought fresh challenges to the SEO market, with explosive algorithm updates and unexpected shifts in trends.

    The demand for remarketing tactics has grown while mobile optimisation is fast becoming en vogue – we’ll be exploring these areas further to bring our partners an even larger pool of options.

    Our Search team (myself included) attended a series of exhibitions and events to gain an even better understanding of what clients expect from a contemporary SEO and PPC service provider.

    This hands-on approach to the development of our business has placed us in a great position for growth in the months to come.

    We’ve made sure that our agency remains at the forefront of the online revolution and as a result will continue to bring our unique marketing approach to a broadening base of clients throughout 2012.

    Get in touch with us to discover how our bespoke services can benefit your business. We’re happy to provide you with all the information you need.

    Ben Austin

    Ben Austin
    Managing Director

    Contact Details:
    0800 088 6000