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    Simple Lighting Case Study



    Simple Lighting

    Simple Lighting

    From day one SEO Positive were fantastic, they quickly got all of our aimed for keywords onto page one and our website up to scratch for the search engines. Over the past year our company has seen a massive growth in sales, and I am sure that part of our success is down to the excellent work carried out.
    Chris Bawden, Managing Director

    Information About Company

    SLG Lighting’s mission statement is simply ‘to provide high quality lighting by leading brands at competitive prices’. Specialising in LED strip lighting as well as indoor, outdoor and ceiling units, this online retailer and wholesaler also offers consumers expert knowledge and advice based on their extensive experience within this particular market sector.

    Project Background

    SLG Lighting had already invested heavily in the design and development of their website and so had minimal usability and functionality issues. Although the company had previously worked with another SEO agency, they had found that business-to-business communication had been poor and they hadn’t seen a vast improvement in the website’s performance.

    Primarily, their online marketing campaign needed to generate interest in the company and its well-priced products, which is why SEO Positive decided to implement a comprehensive integrated search campaign in the first instance with a particular focus on the organic SEO.


    • To demonstrate the return on the investment gained from the partnership
    • To dramatically improve conversion rates
    • To target profitable keywords that best represented the Simple Lighting brand
    • To add suitable keyword-rich content to the homepage to improve the user’s perception of the site

    Our Solution

    Phase One

    • Focus on promoting LED strip lighting by targeting competitive keywords such as ‘LED strip light’, ‘LED lights’ and ‘LED lighting’
    • Gradually increase the weight of the campaign over a period of nine months, feeding recommendations to SLG Lighting on an on-going basis
    • Evaluate the worth of first page SERPs to the business

    Phase Two

    • Work to maintain existing SERPs
    • Add more generic keywords to the campaign such as ‘outdoor lighting’ and ‘kitchen lighting’ to improve visibility within the major search engines

    SLG Lighting was delighted to report that website-driven sales doubled in the first 8 months of the SEO campaign, indicating that the targeted search terms were proving to be lucrative for their business. SLG has achieved first page rankings for the majority of the keywords targeted in Phase One, occupying the top three positions ahead of the UK’s most high-profile competitors.

    By introducing new initiatives in Phase Two, SEO Positive is hopeful that SLG will achieve top-level positions for a wider range of relevant search phrases in the months to come and that the website will start to achieve even more impressive conversions.