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    Luggage Superstore Case Study



    Luggage Superstore

    Luggage Superstore

    SEO Positive set out an optimistic strategy to start us dominating the internet within 12 months. Needless to say over 18 months down the line our website is dominating Google for all the search terms for our products as well as being in the top 5 for most of the generic search terms. Unlike other SEO companies we have used in the past they deliver results!
    Andy Steadman, Director

    Information About Company

    Luggage Superstore is an online company specialising in a variety of luggage products. The firm retails suitcases from internationally-renowned luggage brands such as Antler, Samsonite and Delsey and also stocks accessories such as padlocks and travel adapters.

    Project Background

    Luggage Superstore primarily wanted to direct more traffic to their site in order to generate direct sales. The company are able to offer a sales service over the phone but their website acts as the main source of revenue. After researching all available marketing methods, SEO Positive decided that a natural optimisation campaign would best suit the company’s needs.


    • To identify which search terms are the most lucrative for the business in terms of local monthly searches
    • To increase sales within a 3 month time frame
    • To compete directly with other major retailers of luggage products

    Our Solutions

    Phase One

    • Target broad, highly competitive search terms in the first instance (particularly ‘luggage’, ‘suitcase’ and ‘suitcases’)
    • Carry out in depth analysis of the homepage and recommend changes to improve functionality and success within the search engines
    • Generate monthly reports for the client and review the effectiveness of the campaign regularly

    Phase Two

    • Turn the focus of the campaign to branded search terms
    • Internal page optimisation for the main brand names, including bespoke content creation and meta adjustments

    Luggage Superstore has achieved top 5 positions for all broad search terms, including ‘suitcases’ and ‘luggage’, which has resulted in a huge jump in profits over the course of a year. The company’s sales have increased by over 75% thanks to their improved organic search listings.

    The company is also now enjoying sturdy page 1 and 2 SERPs for all targeted branded search terms such as ‘Aerolite suitcases’ and ‘Delsey luggage’.