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    Green Apple Flooring Case Study



    Green Apple Flooring

    Green Apple Flooring

    We’ve been really impressed by the level of communication from SEO Positive and their hands-on approach towards PPC advertising. We regularly meet with our account manager to discuss improvements to the campaign and have been kept in the know every step of the way.
    Stephen Macvicar, Director

    Information About Company

    Based in Essex, the Image Flooring Depot (trading as Green Apple Flooring) is a leading supplier of wood and laminate flooring in a range of styles and finishes. In addition the company also stocks floor maintenance accessories, including trims, adhesives and aftercare products.

    Project Background

    Image Flooring Depot were keen to use PPC advertising to generate sample orders and were experiencing very high Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) rates due to the nature of the campaign.

    The company began partnering with SEO Positive in April 2011. Upon looking at the history of the campaign it was clear that a new strategy would have to be implemented (and tested) extensively to improve the client’s PPC marketing campaign.


    • To reduce the CPA rate
    • Target a wider demographic of users
    • To improve the effectiveness of the ad text
    • To increase the general return on the investment

    Our Solution

    • Restructure the campaign
    • Introduce a comprehensive negative keyword strategy
    • Create localized campaigns to attract customers in Essex and surrounding counties
    • Improve the quality of the ad copy
    • Carry out daily search query monitoring – add new search queries and exclude irrelevant search queries
    • Use split testing to determine the best performing advert – this is achieved by using two different ads per ad group
    • Create remarketing campaigns to re-engage users who had already ordered engineered flooring samples

    After running the new and improved campaign for three months, SEO Positive noticed that the CPA decreased by 82.80%. The calculated return on the investment (ROI) grew by 255.47% compared to the last 8 month period.

    The client is experiencing better results month by month and is able to invest more to increase their profits since they started using our PPC management services.