Posted by: Kerry Sheahan

Posted on: November 19, 2012 9:00 am


Why Write Editorials?

With Penguins and Pandas galore, the SEO world can at times resemble a zoo. In order to carry out an effective SEO campaign it is becoming more or less essential to focus on content creation. With everyone following the same advice, and churning out blogs, press release and on-page content like there’s no tomorrow, we need to look towards other avenues. Editorials are one way of impressing your readers as well as considerably boosting your SEO. So what makes them so great?

  • You gain significantly more valuable links. The Penguin update focused on link building practices in particular, and posting an editorial on an authoritative national or regional site is an effective way of building up authoritative links naturally whilst keeping Google happy but adhering to its guidelines.


  • You’ll also see that your name appears prominently at the top of the search engines for longer too. Unlike press releases that will gradually move down the SERPs as more content is added, editorials help boost your web awareness for a more sustained period.


  • This is turn is great for reputation management. Naturally ranking above all other content under your name, this will push any potentially negative press about you down the SERPs. It should also serve to get rid of any lingering doubts this may have left about your company.


  • Aside from the likes of ranking and link authority, editorials are simply a great way of drawing your reader in and demonstrating your expertise on a given subject. Well researched pieces will show your potential customers that not only are you a dominant figure within your industry but that you’re more than well-equipped to handle their requirements. It also shows that you take the web presence of your company seriously.
Kerry Sheahan

Kerry Sheahan

Kerry creates a variety of website copy, press releases and articles for both clients and in-house purposes on a regular basis and shares her tips and advice on drafting content for a range of purposes.