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Posted on: July 26, 2012 9:50 am


Why Blogging is Important for Your Site

If you have noticed a lot of websites even e-commerce websites have already installed an additional page in their site and this is a blog page. You might speculate that this is installed to satisfy the whims of the website owner, just because the owner loves to blog and would love his or her ideas to be published. Well, those speculations may be true but not really the main reason for all webmasters for incorporating blogs to their website.

The Reason For Blog Writing

In an artistic and maybe psychological point of view people blog because of the fact that they want to share their ideas and would like people to see and appreciate such ideas. In a search engine optimisation perspective however, this is not the case. Blogging in the point of view of SEO companies and SEO Consultants is one of the ways for them to be able to increase their visibility online. How is this possible? This is because of the fact that Google search engine have incorporated the Google Panda Algorithm which requires every website to be ranked to have high quality content and where such content are always unique and fresh.

Google loves website that delivers quality, constantly updated and informative content, this is because of the fact that it will conform to what Google and other search engine wants that is to deliver high quality and relevant search engine results page to its users.

Other Reasons For Blogging

Of course more than search engine optimisation we look at blogging as a form of connecting with your site visitors as well as connecting with your potential and existing clients. Blogging can be a form for  you to impart tips and techniques that may be useful to your clients relevant to the products and services that you company is offering.


Blog Writing has definitely expanded from just being a weblog into something useful for the online business. Blogs helps to inform and engage users in your website and when the right call to action is added you may even get a potential lead or conversion.


Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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