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When Do I Need Reputation Management?

In response to recent demand from clients, SEO Positive is proud to announce the launch of our brand new affordable reputation management packages. But what is reputation management, and when will you need to take advantage of the service now on offer from the UK’s leading SEO and PPC company?

Companies can achieve fantastic exposure by exploring the potential of the web. The internet offers up a vast catalogue of data to anyone searching for a bit of information about a company or product, which means that in order to be successful, business owners need to control their online reputation and take charge of their unique brand – normally, with a little bit of clever SEO, this can be achieved in only a few months. First impressions count for everything, and generating positive feedback about your products or services reassures your potential customers and establishes your company as reputable and trustworthy.

But remember, within this catalogue of data there is likely to be less-than-flattering opinions about your business. Just as consumers are able to post a positive review about your business, there are plenty of people out there who won’t think twice about tarnishing your name, and unfortunately there are a number of ways they can attack your brand.

So When Do I Need Help?

The best way to find out whether you require our reputation management services is by searching for your company, brand name, main products or most recognisable employees in the major search engines (namely Google, Yahoo! and Bing). Take a look at the results that appear underneath your search query. Users will look at everything they find and are specifically hunting to see if you’ve left a positive impression on customers (or anyone else, for that matter). Your website’s URL should come up, but what other sites, articles or reviews are associated with your name?

If You’ve Been Savvy:

There will be a diverse number of results returned and nearly all of these will be within your control. You’ll see social profiles, registered business listings, press releases and even internal web pages from your site, all of which will show your company in a good light. There are no obvious negative comments and potential customers will be able to find all the information they need (quickly and easily) that will convince them to choose your company over your competitors.

If You’ve Been Lucky:

There will still be a credible number of results returned for your search, but they won’t be well-crafted or particularly impressive, and in some cases may even be completely irrelevant. Users will immediately recognise that you’ve made no attempt to present yourself properly within the search engines, even if it’s a subliminal realisation, and while they won’t necessarily be turned off by your efforts, they may decide that a rival company will do a better job.

If You’ve Neglected Your Online Reputation:

You may have been unlucky in the sense that you’ve suffered negative press recently, or a particular patron has gone out of their way to post scathing reviews of your company online and the article or post is ranking highly and therefore extremely visible. Your brand name may have popped up one time too many amongst complaint sites, or perhaps it is other industry professionals that have been publishing a lacklustre opinion of your business. Even one prominently displayed public slating of your service can ruin your opportunities. This could include a Facebook group dedicated to negative feedback about your company or even an entire hate site built around a bad experience. Basically, if you don’t like what you see within the search engines, it’s time to employ a credible reputation management company to set things right.

What Can I Do To Improve My Online Reputation?

Businesses can, of course, attempt to boost their online rep themselves, but in doing so run the risk of damaging their campaign even further. We would always recommend getting in touch with a reliable reputation management company (such as SEO Positive) to discuss your options and to make sure you don’t end up making any costly mistakes.

Make sure consumers, businesses, employees and journalists take you seriously by establishing a clear reputation management strategy straightaway. Remember, if any type of negative review has been posted, it’s going to be discoverable for years to come if users are prepared to search deep enough – it’s just up to you and your chosen reputation management company to control what your audience sees from the offset to prevent a bad feeling materialising around your brand.

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