What Google Loves on Mobile SEO

According to the recent study there are more Android devices that are being manufactured rather than the number of babies. We of course could not verify if the data is absolutely true but one thing is for sure, mobile devices are here and they are going to stay. Mobile devices are said to be increasing in number in terms of sales, with the emergence of new smartphones as well as new tablets one can really fathom the increase in mobile device use for browsing the internet. Soon enough full scale transaction via mobile applications will follow if not already started. For every SEO company and SEO consultant they know that this is an opportunity for them to increase website sales by way of conducting Mobile SEO in their website.

What is Mobile SEO?

Although mobile SEO is practically the same as that of the current search engine optimisation, like building links and developing contents they are only different in such a manner that mobile SEO focuses more on improving user experience for mobile devices. Although links and content development are considered by many as the cornerstone of search engine optimisation, mobile SEO tends to focus more in improving user experience which means that ranking factors would weigh heavily on how user experience is improved. This is a challenge to many SEO companies and SEO consultants because this way they have to make sure that their websites do not only show properly in desktops and laptops but rather it should display properly across the various screen sizes of mobile devices.

Things to Do For Mobile SEO

The following are some tips which you can do in order to improve user experience and conduct proper mobile SEO as well:

1. Develop For Fast Loading Time – one of the ranking factors not only for mobile SEO but also for the usual SEO is the fact that your website must load faster. Since you are designing your website for mobile you have to make sure that your site loads fast where you do not have to keep your visitors waiting, because a slow loading time will just make your visitors to easily click away from your website.

2. Simple Navigation is Important – navigating a website using mobile devices is difficult especially if there are several sub-links in every link in your menu bar, sometimes these sub-links are not displayed properly, in order to avoid this problem make sure that you design your site according to simplicity when I come to your website navigation. Simple navigation would increase site performance, speed and usability.

3. Make your Site Thumb Friendly – navigation must be compatible with touch technology, many users tends to get annoyed whenever they miss clicking the link they want to click because of a small user interface in the website. Make sure your links are large enough to accommodate touch functionality.

4. Make your site Visible – since there are various screen sizes for every mobile device it is important that you design your site in such a manner that the site is going to be displayed properly on every screen, that is every text and images are clear and readable for the user.


With the increase in the number of people using Android Smartphones it is clear that you have to make sure that your website will be displayed across all mobile platforms. Mobile is the future and it is actually happening now.

Ben Austin

Ben Austin

As the founder of SEO Positive, Ben possesses a deep understanding of online marketing and is renowned for his forward thinking strategies and investigative approach towards optimisation. Ben will be keeping our readers up to date with company news and offering tips and tricks from an executive’s perspective.

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