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Using Shopping Directories For SEO

Aside from the three major players in the Search Engine game there are other types of search engines that can be considered as the focus of SEO, which if optimised could augment your overall SEO campaign for the three major search engines. The most logical type of search engine that can be exploited by an SEO company or an SEO consultant for an e-commerce website is the shopping directory. A shopping directory works as a product search engine which also incorporates pay-per-click method for some companies. The shopping directory works when a user registers for the service and from which the shopping directory will categorise the product or products registered by the user. After which the shopping directory will display the product and the link to the source website this will happen of course only if the specific category is the object of a visitors’ search.

The shopping directories are classified in to three types according to their payment scheme. First type is a free shopping directory, this type of directory of course as the name implies offers a free registration and use of their services. It is from an old adage that says “free is not entirely free”, this is because although free services are indeed being offered there is always a catch. For this specific type of shopping directory a free service would also mean that you do not have any access to your position in the search result. That means you can be as high as ranked first but may also be found as far as the last ranking available, but other than that there are no more downsides to this free shopping directory services.

Second is the shopping directory that uses pay-per-click method with a fixed fee. This type of shopping directory works by implementing a fixed fee before registration, functionality is the same as that of the free shopping directory and it also does not give you control over your ranking for the sole reason that there is no bidding that could determine your position or ranking.

Lastly is the pay-per-click method that also incorporates bidding. This incorporates the charging for every click done to the shopping directory link that links to your website. This also incorporates bidding in order to determine the position of your advertisement within the website. Those who spend a lot of money on the shopping directory will obviously get a higher rank or position for their advertisement.

Whatever shopping directory method will you be incorporating in your SEO campaign you should always remember that your website is an e-commerce website thus making the shopping directory to be the most logical location or forum for you to advertise you product or products.

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