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Posted on: March 26, 2010 10:21 am


Using Proper Etiquette to Gain Social Media Traffic

The popularity of social media networks are already  gaining ground, in the recent reports by data gathering companies such as hitwise the number of people who are visiting and revisiting social media network sites are increasing and one social media network have even surpassed the weeks’ internet users share from that of Google. This is just a reason why many search engine optimisation company and consultants have been scrambling on how to optimise their websites using social media networks. The approach on social media networks is not straightforward SEO because of the fact that instead of dealing with search engines and bots an SEO company and or SEO consultant will be dealing with actual people. We should always remember that the aim of a social media network is to gather people together into a virtual community based on hobbies and interests. Thus, aside from using technical skills to develop a website and be optimised the use of proper virtual community etiquette is paramount.

One of the first steps or first etiquette that you should know is to learn how to listen to the people in your community, remember that these people in your community are the potential visitors or clients of your website. Listen to your audience and gain some insights on what the majority wants and develop your SEO campaign according to that.

Second is to actively participate in the discussion boards of your social media network, staying as a lurker wont do in your social media network optimisation, you have to be proactive in your participation in discussions, comment on posts properly and do not just promote your product, services or website. Otherwise you will just be tagged as a spammer in the online community that you belong into.

These are just some of the proper etiquettes that you should observe in your virtual community following these will eventually give you a chance to market your product, service or website.

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