Updating Your Website Properly

With the introduction of the Google Freshness and with strengthening of such Google algorithm, website update has become necessary. Google’s purpose in incorporating the Freshness algorithm is perhaps the search engine giants’ way to make sure that every website will not remain to be just an online brochure with stagnant and boring content. Freshness aims to rank websites that have continuous content in their website, this is why a lot of websites even e-commerce websites are incorporating blog pages in their website. This is because of the fact that blogs is an avenue to incorporate fresh contents to the website. Aside from incorporating blogs in a website there are other ways for SEO companies and SEO consultants on how one could indicate that the website is within the requirements of the freshness algorithm.

Ways you Can Ensure Website Update

1. Audit Your Links – check your onsite links and verify whether your links are broken or not. This may be a tedious task but it is a must because of the fact that links are gateways for web crawlers and an invalid or broken link would mean and error in the crawling of your website.

2. Regularly Post a Blog – as mentioned every website has already incorporated blog pages in order to include fresh content to the website entirely, however if the blog page is not regularly updated the search engines may not interpret the page as containing fresh content, this is why it is important to regularly update your blog posts it may be a daily, weekly, or monthly update as long as such is followed regularly.

3. Arrange Your Blog Post Per Category – for easy crawling of your website and blog writings as well as for easy search for particular blog posts it is important that you arrange every blog post in specific categories. The categories will ensure that search engine crawlers will also easily locate your posts and easily identify the relevance of each post.


The release of the March Update in Google’s search quality highlights includes the update on Google freshness algorithm, stating that freshness will already be affecting all websites and not only the news groups where it was initially implemented. This is why it is important for every website to incorporate fresh content in order to make sure that Google will be able to tag the website as containing fresh contents and thus will “hopefully” rank the website better that those similar sites without any fresh content.


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