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Posted on: October 27, 2010 9:33 am


Understanding the Qualities of a Good Content

Time and again we have always heard SEO companies and SEO consultants’ state that content is king, in terms of search engine optimisation campaigns. They are, up until today, considered as correct in stating such. This is because of the fact that content has many contributions in an SEO campaign, among these are content serving as an avenue to promote the website to the search engines by incorporating keywords or key phrases into the content which is going to be crawled and indexed by the search engine bots or crawlers, another is that content is an avenue where website owners can convince the website visitors to convert from being a mere visitor to becoming a client. Content however must always be kept or written in high quality. What makes a content of high quality? The following are some of the characteristics of contents that are considered to be of high quality.

1.       The content must not be automatically generated. This means that the content must not just be taken and rewritten by an application, it should always be written by an actual human being as the message being conveyed is also for the consumption of a human being.

2.       The content must be interesting, content that are considered to be boring will not keep the visitor in the website thus increasing the websites’ bounce rate, it is therefore important to make every content interesting, adding supporting images and engaging texts as well as interesting titles would really help in keeping your visitors from immediately going to another website.

3.       Avoid copying contents, as much as possible contents must be original and the product of your own intellect. This means that you must always keep your content unique, not only would you avoid being charged of copyright infringement but also you would be gaining considerable traffic.

These are just some basic guidelines for you to follow when writing your content especially if such content is focused on contributing to the websites’ SEO campaign.

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