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Understanding Page Rank Importance

If you go through different SEO forums you will see contrasting opinions coming from SEO companies and SEO consultants about the importance of Google’s page ranking. Some would say that page rank is important and every website should attain such rank while others would say that page rank is not as important as gaining a high search engine results page ranking (SERP) since it is traffic that you want and not mostly focusing on attaining a page ranking.

What is Page Rank? SERP?

Page rank is a ranking method set by Google in order to determine the reliability of a website. Page rank could be set from zero to ten where ten is said to be the highest page ranking. While SERP ranking is the ranking of a website in the search results of a search engine, considered as the output of an extensive SEO campaign.

Importance of Page Rank

We will not be looking at nor will we be siding either party having contrasting opinions regarding the importance of page rank, instead the importance of having a page rank will be discussed:

1. Page Rank is synonymous to Reliability – according to Google, page ranking is their way of determining the websites’ reliability due to the fact that page ranking is achieved from the links that the website has gained. If a website gained links from websites with higher page ranking then it means that the website link is reliable, thus in link building creating quality links is paramount to building lots of links.

2. Content reliability – with the recent Panda algorithm incorporated in the search engine algorithm of Google, having a high page rank would mean that the website has reliable and non-duplicated content. This is because page ranking will be affected and greatly reduced if such website will contain poorly written and unreliable as well as duplicated content.


Gaining a considerable page rank is one way to display the reliability of your website, the debate between page rank and search engine results page ranking may continue but one thing should be certain, that is page ranking do have factors that makes it important.

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