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The Truth behind Google News SEO and Ranking Factors

Google News has been one of the great platforms where you can make your site visible to users. Its existence is becoming more and more relevant as the number of website owners and internet marketers are growing everyday which makes the competition to win the topmost rank a lot tougher. This leaves everyone to do everything they could to make their sites search engine optimised. In this light, Google News has shared some insights on SEO and ranking factors which you can apply for your benefit.

One of the things you need to follow when we plan of submitting your news to Google News platform is to make your submission the soonest possible. After you published your articles on your own site, you can then have your articles submitted to Google so that the articles will be readily extracted and be crawled immediately. By doing so, you can increase your publishing capabilities and power. Since those articles which are most recently published are the ones likely to be processed, you have to keep your submissions very early.

Other than submitting your news articles as recent as you can, Google News also stipulated that you have to make your news site map submitted to Google. This needs you to register your site via Google webmaster tools so to have your site verified as well. By having your site included in Google News, you can already make the news features enabled on your site and Google can have your news articles submitted crawled easily and quickly.

To continue, it has also been said that Google recommends that you include only those URLs which have been most newly added in the news sitemap. This is because Google will not include in its next news crawl the old URLs. However, you need not worry if you have included older URLs since you won’t be penalized not unless you are found to be spamming. Speaking of URLs, it was also suggested that the URLs you are to use in the sitemap are unique and permanent. Reusing of URLs can make the news crawl difficult and it would be hard for Google to classify your stories then. Plus, you have to include at least three digits in your article URLs. Here, you must see to it the number combination in your URLs won’t spell identical to the format of a year.

In addition, it is also asserted that you have to maintain the cleanliness and organisation throughout your article body. This is due to the fact that Google will actually reject your article if its body is fragmented by many content which is not related to your article. That is why Google advised to place your article body near the title in its published form.

So that it would be easier for Google to crawl your news, it is also recommended that you have to display the publication date very visible on the HTML page. Its most preferred placement is in between the article body and title.

Basically, Google News has a lot more to say on this regard. But for a smooth beginning, the above insights on how Google News takes its role in making your site search engine optimised would be enough to get you started however you also have to make sure that the quality of your article writing or content development is worthy of being placed in Google news.




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