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The Different Parts of a Search Engine

Search engine is considered to be the main target of a search engine optimisation consultant or a search engine optimisation company. This is because of the fact that search engines are the primary tool that many if not all internet users are using in order to search for the website or information they are looking for over the internet. It is important for every search engine optimisation consultant or SEO company to have a fair understanding on what makes up a search engine in order for them to develop strategies appropriate for the search engine as well as their client website. The following are the different parts or components that make up the search engine.

  1. The Query interface – this is the part that is visible to most or all search engine users. This is also sometimes called as the main search page or the home page of the search engine. Search engines’ query interface vary from a diverse or elaborate query page like Yahoo of a minimalist design just like that of Google.
  2. The Spiders, crawlers or bots – these are considered as the search engines’ scout army. This is because the search engine crawlers, bots or spiders task is to search for websites and gather data needed for the search engine to process for the purposes of indexing or ranking the website.
  3. Database component – all search engines index websites that would pass their criteria therefore all search engines must store such data somewhere, that is why one of the main component of a website is a database where the search engines can store the data that the search engine bots have gathered.
  4. Search Algorithm – in order to facilitate the search query of an internet user a search algorithm is used. The search algorithms are viewed as the problem solver part of the search engine. It solves the main problem on how to return the data being requested by the searcher based on relevance of the website content with that of the search term.
  5. The Ranking Component – based on the criteria set by the search engine algorithm the ranking component will then rank the different results according to the most relevant or the most optimised down to the less relevant or less optimised.
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