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The Author Rank is Coming

The internet especially the world of search engine optimisation was again slightly shocked by what the signals Google are showing in terms of their algorithm change among with their other changes. The signal points to the use of Author Rank in order to evaluate the importance or search rank of specific websites according to the keywords to which they are going to be indexed. This concept is fairly new however it is clear that Google has already taken initial steps in order to prepare the launching of Author Ranking. Since the news already came out many SEO companies have begun to prepare their websites to be Author Rank proof in order to avoid being hit by yet again another algorithm change.

What is Author Rank

Author Rank is applied to the website where content is rich and is provided regularly to in the website. To put it simply an author rank was developed in order to use the online reputation of the content developer with that of the ranking of the website or the page as a whole through the search engine results page. In order to get the identity of the content developers for the website Google has come up with the idea of using the data from the content developer’s G+ account, through the property known as authorship.

Survival Guide to Author Rank

It is understandable that Author Ranking is fairly new as a concept in the field of SEO, however the importance of knowing what Author Rank is, would be the first step into transforming your website into a highly recognisable site. So the following are some of the characteristics of Author Rank in order for everybody to understand what is happening when an SEO company would conduct Author Rank Campaigns.

1. Author Rank is the Basis of Page Rank – although author rank would determine the authority of a website through its content, it will not replace the already existing Page Rank System. Instead the Author Rank will boost the page rank of the website since it will be the foundation of the Page Ranking algorithm of the search engines. Author Rank is not the replacement for Page Rank rather the former will make the latter a lot more accurate in what they do.

2. Focused on Identifying Content Developer – the purpose of Author Rank is for Google to make a connection between the article or blog posts with the author behind. The validity of the identity of the content author and its association with the content is what author rank is all about.

3. Author Rank Varies By Topic – unlike for search engine rankings and page rankings, the author rank treats every page or post in your website individually. Therefore, an author rank from one of your page may be different from the other.

4. It Does Not Depend on Queries – unlike for query-dependent characteristics where the results for the SERP are highly dependent on the relevance of the queries done via website to access your own site.


Many SEO companies have started to plan their author rank campaign, if there is one thing that makes author rank campaigns to be different from SEO is that the latter relies heavily in the social media aspect of the website first by the accuracy of the social media profile, number of posts, shares and in the case of Google the number of +1’s.

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