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Posted on: July 18, 2011 9:20 am


The 5 Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

If you’re just beginning your journey into social media marketing, it is important to know things that should be done. However to keep your campaign operational and running to the best of its potential you need to know what not to do.

1-      Don’t focus heavily on marketing your own company, the majority of social media marketing is the social aspect of it. Make sure your focus is on creating new relationships and building on them.

2-      Don’t just use one social media site; make sure you spread your name on as many sites as possible. The titans of social media are obviously: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. If a social media site is relevant to your company, then make sure you are on it. It’s important to check if people on that site are talking about what your business offers. If they are not then it isn’t the type of site where your business will thrive.

3-      Don’t try and “outshine” your competitors. This can greatly harm your business, so instead,  focus on your customers. Remember that your advertising your business to customers and not your competitors, so treat your social media strategy the same.

4-      Don’t follow the crowd. Just because your competitors are doing one thing, doesn’t necessarily mean you should also do it too. To get your blog, website or profile noticed as much as possible, you will need to give your viewers a reason to come and read your information, if you offer something that is unique, then viewers will visit, and continue to visit in the future.

5-      Don’t forget to update regularly. If your blogs or profiles become out dated, visitors will lose interest and unsubscribe to your profile, blog or site. To retain their interest, set deadlines for blog posts and profile updates and make sure you stick to them. Consistency is key.

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