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Techniques Towards Effective Link Building

Many SEO firms know that the field of search engine optimisation has two facets one is on the internal structure of the website including its links and that of the external or the links or “vote” being casted in favor of the target website. Notice that linking is an integral part of the strategies being utilised across the field of search engine optimisation. The following are some of the different strategies that SEO consultants may use amidst the effects of Googles’ algorithm change.

1. Research – this strategy involves different processes whose goal is to find the best sites where the SEO company could submit to. There are  several pages or websites that offers link submission and such sites are also of good page rank and good SERP position which are the two ingredients needed when scrutinising the site you are linking to.

2. Document your every move – when linking to different websites it is imperative that you know your every move thus documenting your move or in this case gathering of such blog URL or directory URL you have submitted to or gained link from should be listed down in order for you to analyse their effects or influences to your own sites’ page ranking.

3. Link to the internal pages of your site – of course if the linking would come from those not part of the website meaning the link being an external link such would be difficult to acquire. However, if you have several blogs which you can utilise then it is important to promote your website via those blogs, just make sure to link from the blogs to the internal pages of your target website. This way your target website will not only have the home page as the one being linked to thus gaining considerable link juices but also the other pages of the website which will then stand a chance in giving such pages some link “juices” that would be a criteria in gaining a page rank for the page.

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