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Posted on: December 23, 2011 10:51 am


Many users may have realised YouTube’s new layout that is a little odd when compared to the previous. There were no problems with YouTube previous to the update. However YouTube now looks to put a huge focus on channels and also the social media side of videos.

One of the first things you may notice on YouTube’s new web design is the dark bar on the left hand side. Upon looking at this section, you can see that Google Plus and Facebook are pushed upon the user, but there is also the option to add other accounts such as Twitter and MySpace. When social media accounts are added, you can click on the social media icon and you will then be shown all videos on YouTube which have been shared by your peers and so on.

Secondly, there are categories in the bar such as: popular, trending and music. No doubt that YouTube takes location into consideration; however this is quite a good feature as YouTubers can find videos that are growing in popularity with ease.

Finally, there is a suggestions box, potentially stolen from Twitter? Although it is a good feature that is emphasised in the new design. I believe there was a suggestions section in the previous layout but in comparison this is now stressed to the user quite heavily.

From what I can gather, the new layout is a way for YouTube to push channels and for those on YouTube to actually subscribe to people instead of checking back every now and then. On top of that, I think this is also a way to push Google Plus. YouTube is owned by Google and there is no question that it is being used to help get some publicity for Google +. It has taken Google a while to advertise their social network on this scale because their biggest effort in the past was to add a huge arrow pointing from their home page to the link that sends a user to Google Plus.

There are now also promoted videos, this is nothing new, but what is new is that promoted videos are moving to Google Adwords, this may bring a new market into the industry of SEO and PPC because they would be managed very similarly to a text ad for Google.


Google have used YouTube well to promote their network subtly, however overall it does look more complicated than the previous version but YouTubers will just have to get used to it  as there are no other services which are quite as good.

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Posted on: November 29, 2011 11:04 am


flash player We all know how amazing flash is, it is possibly the nicest looking type of website out there. However there are a few problems with having flash on your site. The first is that it is invisible to Google, the second is that they can take a long time to load and finally they cannot be used on mobiles.

Google has released a tool called Swiffy, which may be because it requires a SWF file to convert. Swiffy takes the SWF file you have uploaded and then the tool converts the file. It shows you the coding and the flash file next to each other so you can compare the two.

At the bottom of the page there is a link which sends you to your uploaded flash file in HTML, all you then have to do is view the source code and copy the script, your code is now ready to upload to any site you want.

I have already tested the HTML 5 conversions on a mobile device (iPhone 3 GS) and they do work, even the games that Google provide, I have also uploaded my own flash files. Flash games do work when converted but the more complex the game is, then the laggier the html version is for mobile devices. This may not be the case for phones such as the iPhone 4s, but unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to test this. Converted flash animations are quite fast and are only a little slower than what is displayed on a PC.

All in all, Swiffy is going to be of great use to all web design and animators, now their work will be easily displayed on not only computers but also mobile devices. It is only a matter of time before Swiffy becomes more popular and all flash files become converted into HTML for speed, SEO reasons and across the board usability.

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Posted on: September 20, 2011 9:01 am


SEO over the years has become just as, if not more important, than web design, and functionality. The search engines of mainly Google, as well as Bing and Yahoo, play an important role in how we get traffic, gain members, and most importantly, make money. For SEO’s there is always a changing environment, but one thing always stays constant. That is, you always have to be on top of your game. Missing out on key information or failing to forecast trends can be catastrophic for business. For SEO the next big thing is including functionality and search abilty for mobile users. Some people are simply overlooking the iPad and smartphone phenomenons.

Now the misconception here is that if you are ranking in google, then your job is over with, and it is the iPads fault for not portraying the site the right way. Wrong! SEO doesn’t start at the search engines, it ends there. A professional SEO will make their site compatible for all browsers. This includes the browsers of smart-phones, and tablets. An interesting approach to accomplish this is the use of HTML 5.

HTML 5 is the next big thing in web development. It essentially will make the job easier for SEO’s with the addition of new tags such as header, footer, nav, audio, and video. These tags will make your site 100 times easier to index by google. The main conflict is that not all browsers support every aspect of HTML 5 yet, which means a lot more browser detection. However, two of the biggest companies in the world are advocates of HTML 5, Google and Apple. Writing your site in HTML 5 may not seem beneficial at all at this point of time. But with a little strategic guessing, you might think otherwise.

Google and apple have been pushing HTML 5 hard. That means, Google will appreciate a site written up with the latest version of markup language. Failing to put this to use in anticipation of the future can be a big mistake. There is nothing wrong with writing code in HTML 5 for video and audio, especially when iPad and iPhone do not use flash. The use of flash is an entirely different story, but for now just assume that you have to use them together. HTML 5 for iPads and iPhones, and Flash for all other users. Ignoring things like this in a transitional period for the web is a big mistake. Although making browser detections that essentially swap code in and out can be pressing and frustrating, the pay off is well worth it. Every time you fail to bring a user friendly site, and sleek easy design, you are losing a potential customer, reader, or whatever you are looking for. With the internet two things matter. Make it work, and make it simple.

Making it work is by far more important. If you have your site up and running, and you are failing to make your site compatible with other browsers you might has well just leave it blank. Web surfers do not see behind the scenes, and do not care how much work has to go into it. They just always expect it to work. If your site won’t fulfill their needs, someone else’s will. If you are going to put all the tools of SEO together including great link building services, then make sure you are doing the extra work. SEO is a multifaceted approach do a better website. You can’t have one without the other. Imagine filling up your gas tank, but never getting an oil change. It may work for a little while, but you are never going to be performing at your maximum potential. Browser compatibility is just as important as all other SEO tactics. Do not fail to utilize this approach. if you do, you could potentially lose out.

This article was written by Ben Anderson. Ben works to provide White Label link building services.