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Content is of course is one of the biggest part that every website should have, most common among the content family is the text content. Many website owners rely on the use of text content in order to create value for their website as well as make their website SEO-friendly or to be simply be loved by Google and be ranked high in its search engine results page. Although text content is the most recommended method for search engine visibility, it would be best for users or visitors of your website to consume content other than text. This is why several websites have gone through repurposing their website content. Repurposing content means that the content is delivered through other means aside from text, this could be in the form of slides, audio or video among others.

Using Video

One great way to deliver content is via the use of videos, this may not be as easily crawled by search engines like that of text content, however it is a great way to deliver information to your website visitors or users the most important audience in your website. Videos can be great for delivering contents that are informative in nature, and since you are only allowed a specific or limited amount of time in order to capture the attention of your visitors. There would be higher risk of visitors clicking away from your site if they get bored with a long line of text content, some might not even bother to read it anyway thus losing your chance to convert your visitor to a lead. To capture their attention you have to impress and to do this you have to incorporate videos, audio, or animations.

Video SEO

Some SEO companies and SEO Consultants have been using Videos to increase site traffic and of course to properly convey their company message to their visitors. However there is more to it than just doing that. You can use your videos for search engine optimisation purposes, you can build links and eventually increase your traffic.

The Ingredients of Good Video SEO

One thing that you have to understand is that videos aren’t crawled by search engine crawlers, therefore you will still have to rely with your visitors. The following are the ingredients you need to doing a good Video SEO.

1. Produce an Informative Video – a video will not go viral if it does not give any value to the viewer, if it is just a promotional video it would be best to confine it within your website. However, if your content offers real value then you can have it uploaded via YouTube which may have the potential of becoming viral one day.

2. Include a Call To Action – this should be an imperative part of your video, you need to engage your viewers. Engage them by asking them to purchase your product, visit your website or to share the video. Anything you want your viewers to do should be incorporated in the video or at least in your video description.

3. Don’t Forget to Include Links – if you are uploading your video via YouTube it would be best if you could add links to your website via the description box. Of course you could also add your website URL on the last part of the video to inform your viewers about your website.

4. Add Tags – Tags are a great way for your video to be searchable within YouTube. If you are having trouble on what tags to use don’t fret there is no law prohibiting you to use the same tags as other videos are using, as long as it is relevant then you can just use tags that have proven to be effective in videos that are within your own video’s category.

Conclusion on Video SEO

We do not discount of course the fact that the reason why many SEO Companies and SEO consultants are focused on text content rather than video content is due to the difficulty in putting together a decent video production, however what is important is you produce a good and informative video that people would like to use and share.


With the evolution of the internet technology comes the evolution in the field of search engine optimisation. Of course we still recognise the fact that SEO strategies before may still work at present time, however such evolution like the introduction of social media platforms requires every SEO company and SEO consultants to try and find a way on how they could use such platform in order to gain the traffic and the page ranking that their target websites need. Another platform is becoming very popular via the internet and this is the video sharing networks. The launching of YouTube forever changed on how people would share and view videos. This is another area that every SEO companies and SEO consultants are looking at, that is on how to conduct video SEO. Just like Social Media Optimisation, Video SEO also can generate a potentially large amount of traffic thus the importance of tapping into this traffic source. The following are some tips that may help start you in developing your video seo strategy.

1. Conduct Keyword Research – no surprise here, in every strategy, targeting the best keyword would bring in your much needed traffic, this is why it is important to know which of the keywords would you be targeting and gain ranking from. In choosing the keywords as much as possible this would be relevant with your websites’ main keywords and relevant with videos.

2. Share your videos – if you have a company video promotion that you can share do it not only in YouTube but also in other video sharing sites like Vimeo among others. Submitting or uploading the videos in multiple video sharing sites will give you more avenue to incorporate your links and the higher possibility for you to gain more audience and traffic.

3. Motivate others to Share – your video must be informative or intriguing enough in order for you to be able to motivate your audience to share the video. Motivating your viewers to share the video could cause a viral effect allowing you to reach an exponential number of potential traffic.

Above all else remember that people would only watch videos that are relevant, entertaining or informative, thus just like in writing a content your video should also be of high quality in order to conduct a successful video seo campaign, otherwise your efforts in creating the video would just be put to waste. Therefore, it is important to remember when you create your video promotion quality is of the highest priority.

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With the development of the internet there are several features that are now made possible for internet users to utilise. One of these features is the ability to view videos over the internet, this can be attributed to the fact that internet speed is being developed everyday and soon loading time will not be a factor to consider when viewing certain web pages or even certain videos online. To SEO companies and SEO consultants this is viewed as an opportunity to market their target website by gaining traffic from the online video providers such as YouTube. Since gaining popularity YouTube and other Video provider sites have gathered millions of video uploads that it would be requiring its own search property. This would mean that videos are now also being indexed and ranked according to the video search engine algorithm set by the video provider. It is because of its connection with Google, YouTube can be considered to have a solid video search algorithm and thus these standards and criteria set by YouTube may also be applicable in other video search engines.

First of the several criteria set is the use of title, for videos title is very important because this is an avenue to determine the keywords for the video search engine, meaning it is in the title where the search engine algorithm would base the keyword that it will index.

Second is the presence of a video description, just like for a website the video description is likened to the content where it can become an avenue for you to develop or rather insert your keywords for crawling purposes.

Third the total number of views of your video would matter, video search engine would give much weight on the number of people that have viewed your video because it would mean that your video is reliable and of course popular among the internet users.