With the evolution of the internet technology comes the evolution in the field of search engine optimisation. Of course we still recognise the fact that SEO strategies before may still work at present time, however such evolution like the introduction of social media platforms requires every SEO company and SEO consultants to try and find a way on how they could use such platform in order to gain the traffic and the page ranking that their target websites need. Another platform is becoming very popular via the internet and this is the video sharing networks. The launching of YouTube forever changed on how people would share and view videos. This is another area that every SEO companies and SEO consultants are looking at, that is on how to conduct video SEO. Just like Social Media Optimisation, Video SEO also can generate a potentially large amount of traffic thus the importance of tapping into this traffic source. The following are some tips that may help start you in developing your video seo strategy.

1. Conduct Keyword Research – no surprise here, in every strategy, targeting the best keyword would bring in your much needed traffic, this is why it is important to know which of the keywords would you be targeting and gain ranking from. In choosing the keywords as much as possible this would be relevant with your websites’ main keywords and relevant with videos.

2. Share your videos – if you have a company video promotion that you can share do it not only in YouTube but also in other video sharing sites like Vimeo among others. Submitting or uploading the videos in multiple video sharing sites will give you more avenue to incorporate your links and the higher possibility for you to gain more audience and traffic.

3. Motivate others to Share – your video must be informative or intriguing enough in order for you to be able to motivate your audience to share the video. Motivating your viewers to share the video could cause a viral effect allowing you to reach an exponential number of potential traffic.

Above all else remember that people would only watch videos that are relevant, entertaining or informative, thus just like in writing a content your video should also be of high quality in order to conduct a successful video seo campaign, otherwise your efforts in creating the video would just be put to waste. Therefore, it is important to remember when you create your video promotion quality is of the highest priority.