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Each week I will be providing you with my digital marketing Top Tips on how your online business can stay ahead of your competitors! We look after some of the biggest clients on the internet, here are a few of them: promocodes.co.uk, luggagesuperstore.co.uk, voijeans.co.uk, partybritain.co.uk and spabreak.co.uk for more examples please see our case studies.

1.    Blogging

Creating a Blog on your website is an essential part of your online marketing strategy and vital to keep your visitors engaged with news about your business. Your blog is like a newsfeed, so it’s essential to create unique interesting articles which contain links to relevant pages back within your website. If you copy and paste another article and re blog it, remember Google could penalise your site for copied text. As a general rule of thumb only use 1 link per 100 words, this will help Google crawl for keywords associated about your business. A perfect example to see how it’s done is by clicking on the words that are underlined within this article. Remember to update this as much as possible and I would suggest you spend 30 minutes daily doing this task which will benefit your websites online presence massively.

2. XML Sitemap

Your website is like a book, your menu bar is like a contents page so this needs to be clear and simple so that your visitors can navigate around your site and look at pages. You may already have a site map on your website which is like an index page in a book. By creating an XML sitemap which is tailor made especially for Google, allowing it to crawl/read your keywords on all your pages. Please see our website for an excellent example of an XML Sitemap.

3. Google Analytics

Any one that has an online presence for a personal website, small or giant online business should have Google analytics. It’s a vital part of your marketing strategy and its one of the most powerful web analytics tracking solutions that will help you understand customer trends visiting your site. This will help you improve and implement new strategies for customers to purchase or contact you resulting in a conversion. In addition Google Adwords (PPC) customers can even see their Analytics data from inside their Adwords account, plus Google Analytics is free for anyone to use.

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Posted on: May 11, 2009 10:39 am


A site map is an integral part of your website and its inclusion is important in your SEO campaign. XML in brief is also a markup language the same as the Hypertext Markup Language or HTML, XML is however developed to carry data instead of displaying it. An XML site map therefore is a web page that will contain the different links to your whole website. In a more technical point-of-view it is considered to be part of the robots exclusion protocol as XML site map is an inclusion protocol, through the XML site map you will be able to guide robots what parts of your websites are accessible for them to index.

XML site maps on its crude form will just contain and display the different URL for the web pages in your website, it however gives several conveniences and important data that is required by search engine robots which will in turn benefit your SEO operations. This type of XML site map allows you to include the date when the URL was updated, the frequency of updates done to the URL, and the importance of the URL compared to the other URL’s present in the website. This type of information is particularly beneficial to your SEO campaign because of the fact that these types of data or information are specifically being crawled by search engine robots or spiders.

An XML site maps’ main purpose is to guide search engine robots within the website and make sure that this different web pages in the website will be located by the search engine agents. Implementation of the XML site map can be done by including the codes in the robots.txt file or the XML site map can also be submitted directly to the search engine. A word of caution though, whatever type of XML site map implementation will be your choice of site implementation will not be a guarantee that your site will be index nor is it a guarantee that your website will be indexed quicker or in a short amount of time. XML site map is only one strategy that will help or augment your SEO campaign and not a stand-alone strategy that can do it all. In addition, view an XML site map as a guide to the search engine robots which can contribute to the facilitation of crawling of your website and not something that will increase your websites’ ranking on its own.