Posted by: SEO Positive

Posted on: November 29, 2010 9:43 am


According to many SEO companies and SEO consultants the steps to an ethical SEO campaign is divided in to four steps generally. The first would be keyword research, second, content development, third web development and fourth link building. These are considered by many search engine optimisation companies and consultants to be the general template for developing the website as well as its promotion. These steps are under the category of white hat SEO and that they might seem to be very easy to do but are in fact very difficult to accomplish. It is therefore important for every SEO company and SEO consultants to understand what are the different steps included in these general categories in order to implement the details of the search engine optimisation campaign correctly.

The first category or step is keyword research, it is a known fact that the keywords which will be utilised on your website will form the corner stone of your entire SEO campaign. It is therefore just right for an SEO campaign to start by researching which keywords would be useful. At this stage SEO companies and SEO consultants will conduct some computation and statistics in order to determine which keywords would help generate a large volume of traffic with less competition. Keyword research also entails researching for the keywords being utilised by your competitors, especially your competitors who are already on the top spot of the search engine.

The second category is content development, at this stage you will already draft your websites’ design and content. The development of the website and its content should incorporate your suggestions and ideas in order to deliver your desired output without of course compromising the marketing plans or designs for your website. Content development includes the incorporation or choosing images for the website as well as developing content for the website and further the design of your navigation structure for the website which is a very important element.

Following the conventional way of SEO and using only White hat techniques you can expect that your websites’ ranking will skyrocket to page one.