Posted by: SEO Positive

Posted on: September 22, 2010 10:48 am


The main goal of search engine optimisation is to gather as many visitors and conversions as possible through different means or what are commonly known as SEO strategies. Gaining traffic being the main goal of search engine optimisation is also the main goal of another traffic-getting method and that is called the Pay per click. Although pay-per-click is known to be an independent strategy and not really a part of search engine optimisation many SEO companies and SEO consultants are also engaged in pay-per-click because of the fact that it is a method that can help gain traffic, conversion and revenue. Gaining traffic although a primary purpose of the SEO companies and SEO consultants in utilising pay-per-click in their campaign this is not the main goal, for SEO consultants and SEO companies their main goal for Pay-per-click is to gain as much conversions as possible. One drawback in the field of pay-per-click however is that unlike for an Search engine optimisation strategy , it requires an actual budget for a specific Pay-per-click campaign. This means that those who will be entering the realm of pay-per-click such SEO consultant and SEO company must be ready to prepare or allocate budget for the campaign. This is because of the fact that there is a need to bid on keywords on where you website is going to be advertised, further every click in the link going to your website corresponds to a particular amount of payment. Although there is such a drawback it is still a strategy that is being implemented by many SEO companies and SEO consultants because of the following reasons:

1.       Pay-per-click implementation is done immediately and can be set-up easily. Users or SEO consultants or SEO companies would just need to sign-up on a PPC program and the campaign can already be set unlike for SEO where results or set-up would take some time.

2.       Pay-Per-Click does not require any special knowledge unlike for Search engine optimisation.

3.       There is no need for one to change the website design or parts thereof.