It is no secret that researching for the right keyword would be the very first step in any type of SEO campaign. Many SEO Companies and SEO consultants knows that every keyword entered by search engine users would allow SEO agents to identify the intentions of the searcher. By identifying the type of keyword entered by the search engine user, SEO companies and SEO consultant would be able to identify the intentions of the search engine user and may be able to correlate it with the different data gathered. From there SEO companies and SEO consultants would be able to devise new online marketing plan.

The Different Types of Keywords

1. Transactional – this type of keyword implies that the searcher or the person using the search engine is looking to acquire a specific transaction. Transaction may vary from purchasing an item online or downloading a specific file. Whatever may it be the user seeks to gain an item online, and an example of such keywords are preceded by the words “download”, “cheap”, “buy” followed by the item being searched for. Example would be “download free software”.

2. Navigation Keyword – this keyword is used by searchers whenever they want to search for specific brands like Google, Facebook or Microsoft among others. Specific brands are entered in the search engine query boxes by the search engine users in order to locate a specific website related to that brand. Businesses who have established brands of course would be benefitting from this keyword provided they have their own website.

3. Informational Keywords – this type of keyword on the other hand is used by search engine users to locate specific type of information. Usually the keywords or phrases are queries in nature. For example “what is a bee?”, “directory of SEO Companies in UK” among others. This is where longtail keyword use will be beneficial as there is a considerable amount of search engine users that are using informational type of keywords.

Conclusion on Types of Keywords

Keywords determine the type of campaign that your SEO Company or SEO Consultant would apply to your website. The type of keyword will indicate how the SEO campaign is going to be planned or drafted before implementation. Thus keyword research is imperative even before developing your content or building your links. This is why keyword research and the knowledge in the types of keywords is an important prerequisite before drafting the SEO Campaign plan.