Posted by: SEO Positive

Posted on: November 16, 2009 4:02 pm


Link building is considered to be one of the most effective strategy which is second only to contents. Link building is the process of creating back links into the website through manipulation or use of the different resources available that is outside the website. Resources such as web 2.0 properties like blogs, journals, bookmarks and even social media networks are utilised in order to create backlinks that could funnel the much needed traffic to your website which in turn would increase your chances of conversions which is the ultimate purpose for every SEO campaign that has been implemented. Since the increase in conversion rate is the main purpose for link building it is imperative that in order to do the steps correctly in the different processes involved one must first consider the top three factors that could affect the link building process.

First on the list of the most important factor in link building is the page rank. Page rank was developed in order to rank or give the standing of your website in terms of relevance and importance to the internet community. The page rank determines on your sites’ importance, this could be achieved by using backlinks or building back links in order for the search engine to interpret such links to your website coming from another website to be a vote to your own website, the more “votes” or links going to your website the higher your page rank would be and consequently the more important your website has become.

Links from different websites may be beaten by a website having only five to ten links. This is accomplished by the second factor and that is relevance. In the field of SEO one strategy used is link building. However, building links through the different backlinks from different sources may do more harm in your website than good. This is because of the fact the relevance is another factor that should be observed. If you are submitting your website through directories and bookmarks it is imperative that the link going to your website is submitted and categorised under the most appropriate category.

Proper use of the link or anchor text should also be observed as it one of the three factors that should always be taken into consideration. The content of the anchor text should not only be a simple “click here” text. But rather utilize this as an avenue to integrate keywords into the anchor text and not just using one general link.