Posted by: SEO Positive

Posted on: November 16, 2009 11:06 am


For several months since its launch Microsoft’s Bing is still undergoing major upgrades wherein several features are being added. It is the hope of Microsoft that with these features integrated Bing would be able to entice more clients or internet users. Among the latest features that Microsoft has added in their search engine is and integration with the computational knowledge search engine Wolfram Alpha, this would make searching for computation answers easier because it is what wolfram alpha provides, this feature would then enable the display of not just links but also computations and answers.

Microsoft also added a feature that is centered on the different tasks for the search engine to do, this is integrated in the homepage of Bing. At first glance there is not much change but if you click on  the different categories you will be given a more centered search option pertaining to that category, like for example if you click on travel several related keywords would be seen such as cheap flights among others.

Microsoft is also enhancing Bing’s database of local information that would cater to hundreds if not thousands of cities, mostly these would center on incorporating neighborhoods, local attraction and information and other points of interests. The data gathered would later be placed or integrated in a high resolution slide show.

With its integration with the social media network facebook, connecting with friends, finding events and shopping through facebook is now made easier and a lot more convenient for both Facebook and Bing users.