Google just recently updated Page ranking for all websites and of course many SEO Companies were happy to see their rankings go up and some are actually sad because their rankings went down. On another note there are some who would not care about page ranks and would rather focus more on their SERP or otherwise known as the search engine results page ranking. This therefore started the debate on what is really important increasing Google’s page rank for your website? Or climbing up the rankings for the search engine results page?

What is Page Rank?

Page rank is a patented ranking system from Google, developed by its founder Larry Page, this focuses on evaluating the value of a webpage based on its relevance and authority. The page rank basically ranks websites from zero to ten where ten is the highest value. The page rank of a website relies heavily on the following factors:

1. Link Quality – a website must link to your website in order to gain a page rank but with Google Penguin algorithm there is already a strict requirement that the link going to your website should be of high quality, which means it must be relevant and it must also be an authority site thus the higher the page rank of the site linking to you the better.

2. Structure of the Website – your website must also be structured in a way that it is easily crawled and that the links within your site are connected based on relevance. Every page in your website must be linked properly with each other and no web page in your website must stand alone.

What is SERP

The Search engine results page ranking on the other hand is focused on the ranking of your website on the search result page based on the keyword that you have chosen to optimise your site. As for Google and other search engines the SERP depends on a lot of different factors. For Google specifically, there are said to be more than two hundred ranking factors and every algorithm introduced by Google seeks to refine their ranking of the websites in the SERP. Among the ranking signals or factors for Google is said to be the site’s page rank, site structure, content development quality, loading time and even social media signals such as the plus one from Google Plus.

So which is More Important?

Focusing on your sites’ SERP does give you the advantage of having to drive traffic to your site based on the rankings you have. If you are able to reach rank one on page one of Google for a very difficult keyword then you have a huge advantage of getting traffic, where as we know traffic also equates to your websites’ possible revenue. As for page rank we believe that this is a strong ranking factor which means that in order to push your site further up the SERP ranking for Google it would be necessary to also increase your websites’ page rank, however SERP should be of your primary concern and if you do that you would automatically put your Page Rank into one of your sub-priorities.

Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: July 6, 2012 10:32 am


Long gone are the days when social media was an optional route to a successful business. In today’s heavily social media-driven world, you can’t browse the internet for more than 30 seconds without seeing an abundance of Facebook or Twitter links. Millions of pounds are invested into social media websites to help build links, brand/company awareness and generate more traffic even though the rewards are often overlooked.

Social network sites have a global reach of 22% (400 million) of the population and the UK itself has over 30 million unique Facebook users. Twitter is also on the rise and in a big way with the number of unique users now standing at 26 million- more than double since last year of 12 million.

So how can you fully utilise this 21st century marketing tool? Here are a few guidelines:

Understand What Social Media Does

Everyone knows what they are, but without full recognition of how social media sites operate and what they do, you cannot expect to gain the most out of them. The first step is to place yourself into the shoes of the consumer; how do they use social media? There are also an array of courses and conferences you can attend to help you better your SM knowledge.

It is most vital to remember that unlike advertising, using SM for SEO is a long-term investment and may not land you immediate results.

Use It Properly

Social media outlets may appear to be less formal but this doesn’t mean it’s less effective or a less important SEO tool.

The most common mistake amongst professionals using SM for business is not having a professional attitude towards it. Many businesses actually harm themselves by reducing their professionalism, lowering their tone and generally putting less effort into their SM outlets.

Before you begin your social media campaigns, draw up a strategy detailing your expectations of what you want to achieve by using the tool. Without a clear route and focus, your SM will be scattered and incoherent, which will only confuse your targeted audience perhaps costing you business.

Give Some Free Advice

Everyone loves something free and freebies can boost brand awareness and encourage returning customers. When you are writing a blog post, tutorial, guide and so on, post a link to it on your social media sites telling your audience about it. Helping your customers by providing free information about common and important issues should in turn lead to an increased SM success rate.

Measure ROI Of Social Media

It may be a mystery to most but there are ways of monitoring your social media investments. Measuring your SM performance can be achieved through using existing web analytics and metrics tracking.

Establish your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) keeping in mind the following:

-          KPIs must explain how SM marketing increases value to your business

-          KPIs must work alongside your SM strategy to ensure that the marketing is focused on improving your business

Keep Ahead Of The Game

Make every effort to keep up-to-date with all the new developments on every-changing and improving social media networks. Leading experts of your industry will no doubt be attending seminars and conferences about social media, so consider doing the same if you want SM to have the maximum success possible.

*Figures of social media usage courtesy of ‘We Are Social, January 2012’ survey


It is with no doubt that social media is fast becoming popular not only among users but also among online marketers particularly SEO Companies and SEO Consultants. This is because of the fact that social media is a very effective tool in order for your website to gain popularity as well as gain targeted traffic. Social media like Facebook is now used not only as an avenue to connect to friends, families and acquaintances but also to connect with potential clients.

Why Use Social Media?

It is because of the fact that social media verifies the validity of the account that there are lesser possibilities that you are talking to a bot which means you are actually promoting your business to actual users or persons. Further, social media has the ability to make a post or promotion viral, since it is easy to share information through the social media one post could reach thousands of users.

How to Effectively Use Social Media?

Creating a Fan Page or a Social media account doesn’t mean that you already have the advantage and could gain immediate traffic. In order to gain traffic from your social media page you will have to need one more ingredient and that is engagement. You need to engage your potential clients in order to have a successful social media campaign. The following are some steps on how you can effectively use social media to engage or to gain traffic:

1. Invest Time – since social media is in real time you need to invest in time, the time is used to answer the queries of those who are members of your communities, also you would need time to gather members to your social media community. Either way investing on time is essential and should not be taken for granted.

2. Set your Goal – it is very important that you make your goals for setting a social media account clear. A clear goal would help you decide on what course of actions to take and how to go about in engaging your potential clients or community members.

3. Do not Post Your Sales Pitch – you might not like this idea especially if you are trying to use social media to sell, however you have to understand that the community in social media could outright determine whether or not you are just using the account to sell. Instead your post should engage the members of your community to visit your website where your sales pitch are located, but never post any sales pitch in your status updates  or profiles.

4. Keep Calm – there will be instances where members of your community will be throwing rude comments or questions, in this case you have to keep calm because a violent reaction might have dire consequences later on especially that posting violent reactions will just give a negative impression on your company.

5. Post your Community Guidelines – when building you have to indicate your guidelines, this way you will be able to show your community that despite you allow the exercise of freedom of speech you still have control over those who abuse such right in your community.

Conclusion on How To Use Social Media

Social media could be a powerful online marketing tools for SEO Companies and SEO consultants, with the changes in the algorithm of the different search engines having a different source of traffic will help in your online marketing campaign especially if you have lost your rankings in different search engines. One thing that you have to remember though is that you are building a community where members can freely interact thus maintaining rules as well as following the different guidelines as stated above will help ensure the success of your social media campaign.