Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: March 4, 2012 2:45 pm


One of the online marketing strategy of SEO Companies and SEO consultants is by way of submitting press releases to different press release sites. These press release sites are considered to be reliable sites which accepts press releases from different companies that are within their categories. Press releases are different from article or blog posts since press releases focuses on the events, feats or milestones of the company or website being promoted. It is not like a blog post where opinions or experiences are the main focus, press releases are mostly focused on a generalised topic about the company and are based on factual events and are not opinionated. Therefore, writing a press release is entirely different from writing an article or a blog post, the following are some guidelines in order for you to write a great press release:

1. Use the Press Release format – writing a press release is like writing a news story, you should include in your press release body the location of the Business being promoted and the complete date of the press release. Following this format would inform the reader about the type of press release he or she is reading.

2. Capture the Readers Attention – in order to make your press release viable it must capture the attention of your readers, therefore it is important that you write an interesting headline along with an interesting first sentence in your press release body. This way you will capture the attention of your readers and hopefully you would gain their interest in reading through your press release.

3. Incorporate Company information – it is imperative that you incorporate the company information of the business or website you are promoting, this is to make it clear to your reader that the press release is promoting such business or website. A short company profile would also add to the promotion process of your press release thus it should not be omitted.

These are just some of the guidelines that you can do when writing your press release, you may have noticed that the guidelines are much different from writing a blog post thus following such guidelines will not only allow you to write great press releases but also allow you to differentiate a press release from a blog post.