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Posted on: October 2, 2012 6:52 pm


The future is going mobile, so as they say. We have seen a lot of changes in technology and the way we access the internet. When the wi-fi came out mobile has started to flourish, in fact it is predicted that many more people will be doing their transactions online using their mobile devices such as a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. This increase in the mobile industry of course has prompted a lot of tech based business to create applications for the different mobile devices. The two main players in the mobile business, Google and Apple has given developers an avenue to monetise their applications. This created the immense enthusiasm for developers to create a lot of applications which they could sell online or monetise it through incorporating advertisements.

Why Mobile SEO?

There are a lot of application developers who have developed apps that may have similar function with another application. An example is a radio tuner application where there are hundreds of different versions developed by different developers. The question is how do you make your application a lot more visible than the other apps that fall in the same category as yours? This can be done through a process known as mobile SEO, this is the mobile version of search engine optimisation. This is basically done in order to increase visibility of your application whenever a potential clients searches for an application or website using his or her mobile device.

Recommendations for Mobile SEO

Of course you might have a particular website where you place you applications and when you do this it is important that you make your website using HTML. Now it is recommended that the HTML desktop version must be the same as that of your mobile version, then utilise Cascading Stylesheets to make your website mobile friendly.

Second recommendation, when it comes to applications makes sure that you deliver quality apps. This is for purposes of gaining real application reviews. Gaining a lot of reviews and five stars will definitely give your app a better ranking and it will immediately convince your potential user to download and use such application.

In conclusion, mobile SEO does not only pertain to the optimisation of the applications but also the optimisation of websites. Since websites could be viewed using mobile devices it is important to make such website compatible with the different kinds of mobile devices, this is why it pays to have to learn the latest in mobile web development.

Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: March 11, 2012 7:09 am


The popularity of the different Smartphones ballooned or increased exponentially in recent years. One factor that may have contributed to this popularity is the fact that with smartphones people could not just call or send small messages but also browse the internet and practically do all the basic functionalities that a personal computer could do. In addition to that there is also an increased in the introduction of tablet pc’s in the market. This increase in the production of smartphones was led by Apple in their introduction of the iPhone and the iPad where soon other companies followed like Samsung when they introduced their Galaxy Tap and Galaxy Note, the point is that many companies have seen the potential or the market viability of these devices that they keep on improving it. As a result of this a new breed of software applications were also developed in order to cater to the specifications of the hardware that such devices can accommodate. Again the new type of application was made available by Apple through the App Store and Google through their Android Market, soon the development of application became public that any developer could sell their application through the Android Market and the App Store.

Where Does Mobile SEO Come In?

It is because of the fact that many developers would like to have their applications uploaded and sold to the online mobile community that the mobile application business is becoming competitive. You might have noticed that there are several versions of an application that was developed to have the same functionality only that the applications were developed by two different persons or companies. This competition is where Mobile SEO would be advantageous this is because of the fact that during an upload to an App store of a mobile application there are several SEO avenues where you can integrate your SEO strategies in order to make your application be classified under the most relevant category.

What are the Mobile SEO Avenues available?

The Avenues available for mobile seo in the apps store is similar with that of a normal website, it offers the incorporation of keywords, the apps content are crawled and indexed on a regular basis, it also depends on the incorporation of content keywords as well as links. However, since applications themselves are not crawled it relies on the text content that you incorporate with the application that you have uploaded, this means that one available avenue for your to conduct your mobile SEO campaign is the description of your application, thus it is important that you describe your application extensively and it is also important to incorporate your keywords in your description.

Another avenue would be the title of your application, since this is a text indicating the title it would be best to again use your main keyword for the title, just make sure that your main keyword would be relevant with your application.

What about linking?

If you have considered to develop several applications or have decided into going to the Apps business then it would be best for you to develop your own website, as there might be instances where the Apps Store may indicate the link to your website, but of course this may be on a case to case basis.


The revolution happening in the world of mobile industry is indeed another area for SEO companies and SEO consultants to dwell on as it proves to be another viable arena for online marketing. Thus, if you plan on selling applications online do a little mobile SEO and you would be surprised as to the increase in your application downloads and purchases.