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There was a time when people were buying domains that would correspond to their chosen keyword. This technique is known as the exact-match domain strategy. The reason for doing this is to incorporate keywords into the domain of the website since it was believed that having the keywords in the domain name makes it easier for the website to be indexed and ranked in that particular keyword. It was believed that web crawlers or spiders crawls the URL first before crawling the different parts of the web page and it is believed that if the keyword in found first by the search engine crawlers such web page would be ranked first using such keywords.

This strategy has been found to be very effective until the end of September 2012, when Google through Matt Cutts, has announced that they have incorporated an algorithm update where in it would penalise low quality exact match domains.

Who Will Be Affected?

Websites that are usually in the field of affiliate marketing where the use of exact match domains is rampant would be the first ones to be hit by this algorithm update. Affiliate websites are using the exact match domain strategy because of the fact that previously it makes the site easily indexed and ranked in the search engine results page ranking. According to several reports many affiliate sites have been de-ranked and have lost considerable or significant amount of traffic and consequently return of investments.

Generally, people who utilise exact match domains will be affected especially if their SEO strategy involves other processes that are frowned upon by the Google search engine. According to the announcement made by Matt Cutts those that would be affected are low-quality exact match domains so those that utilise black hat strategies coupled with exact match domains will be those that are going to be greatly affected.

Looking Forward

What is clear is that Google is trying to eliminate websites that were designed to manipulate ranking without giving high quality content and links done through proper content development and link building efforts. SEO strategies is not considered by Google as generally bad and should be stricken down one by one, rather Google is only banning SEO strategies that are within the realm of black hat, strategies that would intend to manipulate rankings instead of focusing in giving users the information that they need as well as focusing on giving a good user experience while such users or visitors are on their website.

Ok well this is not a tool that would make your website Penguin-proof rather it is a tool that will help you if you were hit by the Google Penguin Algorithm. Recently, Google has released in their webmaster tool a new utility that will help webmasters recover from penguin. Although there are already some options made available like the reconsideration form the new tool was developed to help block links that are potentially harmful to your websites’ ranking. Just to refresh our memories the main function of the Google Penguin algorithm is to de-rank or suspend websites that are using black hat techniques to increase their link quantity where these links were taken or gathered from websites that are low in quality thus making the link also poor in quality. Further, Google has stated that one of their ranking factor is the Pagerank and because of this many people tend to manipulate page ranking by incorporating different black hat strategies like link buying and link scheming. These are the different linking strategies that are being penalised by the Google Penguin algorithm.

However, there are instances where you are focused only in doing white hat link building or SEO strategies but in the process have gotten links that are detrimental to your ranking than beneficial. You might also be a victim of negative SEO strategy which is being done by your competitor. In these instances of course it is not your fault that you have gotten negative links or low quality links but your site is being punished for it. To help webmasters who fall victims to this unfair competition strategies by some unscrupulous people Google has incorporated the Disavow tool in Google’s Webmasters Tool. Basically, the Disavow tool is for webmasters to tell Google about the different links that you want Google to disavow. These links will then be ignored by Google when the website is already recrawled and reindexed.

For webmasters that have fallen prey to negative SEO strategies hitting their websites the disavow tool is going to be very useful especially so that you can specify which links would be ignored by Google when your site is recrawled or reindexed. Care must of course be taken when using this tool since you do not want Google to block links that are of high quality and are actually helping in increasing your site rankings. Always keep an eye out for poor quality links and if the website owner does not want to remove such link pointing to your website the disavow tool will be your alternative solution.


The process of bringing your business online starts when you have purchased your domain name. But the question is what would be your domain name? But first for those who have just started exploring the world of online business, the domain name is the name in your websites URL which you register through a domain name provider.

The Two Contentions

There are two ways on determining what your site URL or domain name should be, first is Keyword based the second is Brand based. What are these two? Well read on to know the difference.

1. Keyword Based – there was a time when many search engine optimisation companies believed that the search engine gives importance to websites having their keywords included in the URL or domain name of the website. It is because of this that many SEO companies have purchased keyword based domain names and used it to their website. True enough there were certain positive effects to the websites’ ranking in search engines. However, as time goes by this practice became frowned upon because of the fact that the search engine caught up to them and have had a negative effect in their ranking. On top of that keyword based url confuses visitors of your site since it is not the same as the actual brand name.

2. Brand Based – basically the idea is to utilise your own brand name as the domain name. Of course in terms of search engine optimisation it will not target specific keywords except for the brand name itself. Although you might miss out on any slight chance to target your main keyword you still have the opportunity to target such using other means. Brand based domain may be devoid of any keyword target but it does not confuse your visitor and further this will facilitate the process of your visitor memorising your domain name, provided of course that it is not that long.

For best practices it would be proper for you to use your brand name as the keyword, since what you aim to make popular is your own brand and not the keyword. Remember to develop your website and its contents for the user and not for any type of search engine manipulation. Build your brand and not your keyword make your brand popular and target your main keywords through SEO and other mean of online marketing processes, avoid any black hat strategies and focus only in building your websites’ brand popularity to gain more traffic and ultimately gain more revenue.

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Google has recently announced the changes regarding their Google Product Search will be transitioning to a fully commercial model that focuses on the product listing ads. This model created by Google is now known as Google Shopping. According to Google, Google Shopping is going to be released this October. So what is basically going to happen with Google Shopping? The Product Listing Ads is going to highlight different products that merchants are going to sell online. Using Google’s search function if a user would locate a specific product and such product was included by the merchant via Google Shopping it is most likely that the product is going to be displayed or shown.

Why Enter Into Google Shopping?

Google Search is being utilised by millions of users worldwide, they have been the constant top search engine for several years now having around seventy percent of the total share worldwide. This is why having your website or products shown in the Google search engine’s top page will definitely make your product or website visible to lots of people searching online. According to Google, Google Shopping is going to make your products available for listing and be shown via their search engine functioning similarly with Adwords.
Google Shopping was just launched recently and having first dibs on the product listing would increase your chances of having your products be seen by a lot of people who utilises Google search. Once an interested buyer searches for a product and such keyword matches or is relevant with your product listing then Google will display your product photo, details as well as the price, this feature makes it easy for the buyer to locate a product that he or she is looking for and for the seller to increase his or her ROI since it will be visible to a lot of people.
Although the functionality of Google Shopping is fairly new it is under the Adwords feature from Google, therefore its functionality may have similarities. This means that proper management of your Products Listing is also imperative in order to make sure that you are targeting the right keyword and you are spending your budget for product listings wisely. This is why it is recommended that for first time advertisers and even those that have already tried using Adwords to let an experienced Pay-Per-Click Management Company to conduct Google Shopping Management on your accounts. It would be best to place your advertising spending in the hands of able companies rather than spending a fortune without getting any revenue in return.


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With Google’s changing algorithm and its constant release of updates for Panda and Penguin algorithms it has been noticed by SEO Companies that these are indications that Google’s previous project, the Agent Rank is now ripe to be implemented. Agent ranking or which is now called the Authority Ranking is a process that recognises the authority or the reputation of the content creator and utilises it to influence search engine rankings. How does the search engine determine the authority of the content creator? This is by grading the verified content of the author and by that “grade” reputation of the same author is determined. The author rank focuses on the reputation of the author based on the contents that he or she has written.

Preparing for the incorporation of the Author Rank in Google’s algorithm will give you the edge as indications are already showing that Author Ranking is about to be integrated by Google in their search engine algorithm. So how does one prepare for the Author Ranking?

These are some information on what may possibly be the signals for increasing Authority Rank

1. Your Average Page Rank – Authority ranking will not replace page ranking, rather it will compliment it, and therefore you should keep a high average page rank in order to increase your authority as the author for your website. Of course this interaction between the authority rank and page rank is not a one way street instead their action is two-way, complimenting each other.

2. Social Media Interaction through Google Plus – of course for Google, the use of Google plus in terms of social media marketing and promotion of the website is very important. You can integrate your Google Plus profile page with your website in order show your audience your social media engagement. However, it is not enough that you have a social media page integrated with your website it is also very important that you actually post, reply, comment or share your blog posts to your followers to encourage more discussions within the social media network.

3. Number of Shares and +1’s – Google’s +1 is similar to Facebook’s like, it has been noticed that every time a significant number of plus one’s or shares via Google plus is met. These two social sharing buttons from Google is definitely one of the factors which may affect your authority Ranking


Of course there are a lot of other ways on how you are able to discern which signals you may have to focus on in you want to increase your authority ranking. There may be other ways on how to increase authority ranking and these of course would be revealed in due time.

Keywords are essential part of any search engine optimisation campaign. The writing of your article and the building of your links depends on the keywords that you would like to target. This is why it is important that you target the right keywords. How do you target the right keywords you say? Well you have to do actual keyword research where you compare the different keywords according to the number of traffic through the number of search usage and the competition difficulty based on how many websites and web pages utilises the same keyword.

To conduct proper keyword research processes for your search engine optimisation needs you have to have a keyword research tool that will give you accurate results on what you want. There are of course some keyword research tools that are sold in the market however many would prefer to have a free keyword research tool just like the one provided by Google, the Adwords Keyword Tool.  Unfortunately, Google’s keyword tool is not one hundred percent accurate and it might cause problems in your SEO campaigns later on once you discover the inaccuracy of the data you got. If you have an adwords account and have utilised adwords before you might have in your possession a very valuable keyword tool which is the search query data.

The search query data is a lot more accurate tool for keyword research because it provides the following:

1. True Performance Data – since this is from your Adwords campaign for your own website, the search query data will contain actual website outcomes, there is no estimate and no guessing only true data.

2. Targeted Data – the search query data is unique to your website it does not come from any other source or does it track any other website except yours. So the data gathered or contained within the search query data if only for your site and your competitor could not even access it.

3. Actual CPC Data – again since this is focused on an actual Adwords campaign the cost per click data is not an estimate unlike those that are presented in Google’s Keyword Research Tool. With the true value of your cost per click data you will be able to put an actual value on your SEO campaign and how much should you put into the said campaign.


This method of course is applicable if you have already worked with Adwords for your website, if you haven’t this is something which you should try in order not only to conduct  a PPC campaign for your site but also gather relevant and useful data for your future SEO campaigns.

Reputation is both earned and given. It is earned in the sense that you can shape your reputation based on what you are doing in the eyes of the public. It is also given in the sense that your reputation can be molded based on what other people sees on you and says about you. In laymen’s terms, reputation is shaped through public opinion, and constantly evolves as you progress through life. The more popular you get, the more your reputation gets vulnerable against attacks, hence, the more you need protection.

One of the best examples of environment where reputation is easily manipulated and altered is the field of online marketing. With anyone can access the internet and can post anonymously in the webpages, online marketers really face great threat to their reputation. Basically, there are two ways why your reputation as an online marketer can be damaged. It is either your clients speak their own sentiments about your products or services and express their dissatisfactions or your tough competitors resort on black propaganda to ruin your name in the public.  And if you simply let these attacks on your reputation pass through, you might end losing everything about your business.

 The Purpose of Online Reputation Management

Answering online reputation attacks is online reputation management. Whether you are a small-scale businessman, or a big-time politician, a business guru, or a celebrity; the call to protect your reputation increases as you make yourself a public figure. Basically, managing your online reputation entails a lot to consider. One is thorough planning of what to do which includes the knowledge on the real issues, the involved parties, and the content. The real challenge in managing your online reputation happens when the damage has already been done in a wide scale. This needs you to implement an effective reputation management strategy that can counterattack the negative things being said about you or your company, products, or services without hyping the small details. One best way is to utilise the potentials of press releases to repair particular damages on your reputation.  However, the press releases can be of no use when no one is able to read them. That is why, they must be search engine optimised so to secure the top spots of the result pages of the search engines.

Today, the most widely used media among detractors are blogs. Here, they can freely express their opinions and sentiments about a particular name or brand no matter true or not without having held accountable. That is why as part of your online reputation management campaign, you can neutralise the attacks against your reputation through posting on that particular blog page and strengthen your post by linking it either to your own site or to your published press releases designed to uplift your name.


Nevertheless, the best way to manage your online reputation is by preventing somebody to cause negative issues about your name, products or services. This can be done by having a well-developed content in your site, providing opportunities for effective content distribution, and ensuring active participations in every discussion online relevant to you.

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Online marketing is being able to market your products and services by reaching out to your target clients the most effective and efficient way possible. One way for you to be a successful internet marketer is through crafting an effective e-mail marketing campaign. To do this, below are some tips that can help you sell out your products without turning off your clients.


Just like every endeavor, the first thing you need to consider is goal setting. This means that you should define your objectives first in relation to why you are implementing such campaign like e-mail marketing. By weaving clearly your goals and objectives, it would be easy for you to course through your campaign without getting you off-track.

 Goal Defined Now What?

After defining your aim, comes next is the implementation of what has been set. But before that, you should also come up with an effective call to action text where your recipient is readily directed on what they are to do in response to your message. Have your call to action text as clear, convincing, and motivating as you want to ensure that your message gets a positive response and will not end up trashed.


Other than developing a great call to action feature, it is also best to make your message more personalised to make your readers or recipients feel the connection between you and them. Having a personalised message can also give your readers the impression that you really put effort in what you do. This reduces the tendency for your message to be treated as spam.


Furthermore, in composing your message, you have to start in making a subject line that captures the interest of your readers. Take note that it is the subject line that is seen first by your recipients. By developing a catchy subject line, there’s a greater probability for your recipients to open your message and read its content. So true to say, even at this point, you have to make a lasting positive impression on your readers by having a subject line that is well thought of.


Furthermore, in the content of your message, you have to inform your readers the time they have subscribed to your e-mail list. This is to give them a view as to why they get this particular message of yours.  Informing your readers the time they opted into your subscription list can make them think that the message is rightfully for them.

 Being Courteous

For courtesy sake, you have to provide a link where your readers can opt to unsubscribe from your list. This is to make them feel that they have the freedom to cut their connections to you.  It is really better to make your recipients feel they are not obliged to be on your list.
Lastly, just like every marketing message, you have to keep your e-mail content as concise, and engaging as possible. You have to remember that not all your readers have the time to read everything on your e-mail. So, instead of wasting your time and effort on writing lengthy e-mails, you can rather craft them concisely and straightforwardly. This is also to avoid getting your recipients turned off.

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Bloggers have been around ever since people have started bringing their journals online, originally known as a web log, this type of online journal have already evolved into becoming more than a personal site. Blogging in 2012 is considered as both as professional and personal news, anyone who maintains a blog is called a blogger. Bloggers provides information through their blogs depending on the niche that they have chosen or have focused on. Usually, bloggers chose a niche that is within their expertise thus indirectly making them an authority in the said niche.

Blogging and SEO

Normally, bloggers gain their traffic from the number of readers and followers, they do not actually focus much on SEO, however we do not discount the fact that bloggers implements SEO methods. However, more than SEO copywriting, bloggers focuses on the quality of their content, they are focused more on getting the message across through their articles.

The Panda and Penguin Effect

When Google changed their algorithms to ensure quality content and links, numerous problems arose, link building methods and content development methods that produce low quality content and links have been rendered useless by the two algorithm changes. Google focuses on quality content to clean out its search engine results page of any low quality and irrelevant sites. Where does blogging comes in? There are times when bloggers are unable to update their blog sites on a regular basis and by doing this many readers may not be able to get the freshest news about their niche. This is why blog sites especially those that have already established their foothold in their chosen niche requires help from other writers, thus allowing writers to go guest blogs.

What is Guest Blog?

Guest blog is primarily a written work posted on a blog site that is written by another person other than the blogger or site owner. Blog sites that usually encourage guest blog posts have usually sets a high standard in order to allow articles to be posted in their blog. One of the criteria is that the article should not be previously posted in other sites, and should be your original work. Another is that it should be written with the highest quality where the topic is focused on the blogs niche. In short, guest blog posts should be of the highest quality. In exchange you can place a backlink or two pointing to your own website. Since the blog sites are high quality sites, you can be assured that the link you will be getting is of the highest quality.


Guest blogging is one way to gain quality backlinks, however, before writing a guest blog post you have to still discern whether the blog site you are guest posting on is of high quality. This can be done by checking their page rank as well as the sites content and links on whether or not its backlinks are taken from link farms or other low quality sites. This means that not all blog sites are of high quality, low quality blogs are those created only for advertising and link building purposes.


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Link building is a very tedious task because of the fact that it is multi-faceted. Link building does not only focus on just creating links for your website coming from another website. Link building is more of creating quality links from diverse sources. This SEO cornerstone is an essential part of any SEO campaign and should be done properly and not hastily. Therefore, like any other endeavor you will have to incorporate systems and standards and especially planning.

Planning your Link Building Campaign

When planning your link building campaign you have to consider the following steps in order to have an organised link building campaign.

1. Research – research for a link building campaign does not only focus on keyword research, this will also entail competitor analysis and research. It is a known fact that many SEO companies are basing their list of links to be acquired from websites that are being used by their competitor. If not, at least knowing the link list of a competitor website will give them the idea on what links will work and contribute to their increase in search engine results page ranking or even their page ranking.

2. Content Development – like it or not, content is already an essential part not only for website development but also for content marketing and link building. With the infusion of the Panda and Penguin algorithm quality content and quality links are essential. Most of the websites that are of high quality where you want to gain a link for your website requires quality content like guest blog posts, reviews among others. This is why you have to take time to develop quality content for your link building efforts.

3. Implementation – The last part is of course the implementation of your link building campaign. When implementing your link building campaign it is going to go smoothly because of the fact that you have laid the grounds on your implementation process by strictly following the previous two processes.


Search engine optimisation relies on its two cornerstones however, it is important that you have to conduct the processes involved properly to assure that you will be able to lay the foundation of your entire campaign. Following such processes will make sure that you will approach the link building campaign in an organised manner. Allowing you to make sure that you will be getting links that will not be detrimental to your sites’ ranking but rather it would be something that will allow you to acquire quality links.