According to many SEO Companies when you conduct search engine optimisation campaigns you should forget SEO. Before you react of course allow us to quantify the statement. During the start of online marketing search engine optimisation was one of the most sought after strategy in order to gain traffic for their website. However, as time goes by many people have started to feel lazy in conducting SEO campaigns that they have relied on software and automation tools in order to conduct their content development and link building processes. Thus, black hat SEO strategies were born. Black Hat SEO is a combination of different SEO strategies where it’s purpose is to manipulate the search engines into thinking that such websites are better optimised only to find out after a closer look that the links and contents that were developed were actually of low quality and does not give great user experience.

One search engine, Google seeks to change that and in pursuit of their goal to make sure that their search engine results page return only the most relevant and accurate search results they have updated their search engine algorithm at a regular basis until they have developed the Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithms which were developed in order to combat low quality content and links respectively.

This makes the SEO strategy that people came to know to now be obsolete. If during the early days of SEO people seeks to create lots of contents and try to create lots of links, according to present day SEO this is not always the case. According to them in order to make an efficient SEO campaign one must forget SEO this does not mean that you have to forget the tenets of search engine optimisation, rather, it means that you have to change your mindset or perspective about search engine optimisation.

If during the early day you consider SEO as a process of gathering contents and links and focusing mostly on the quantity of links you must now look at SEO as a process of gathering quality links, regardless of the quantity as long as your links or contents are of the highest quality then your site is considered to be properly optimised.

Forgetting SEO means forgetting the old ways of implementing search engine optimisation, SEO is not dead it just evolved to a more challenging form but this time this form allows little or no room for any black hat search engine optimisation techniques.

The process of bringing your business online starts when you have purchased your domain name. But the question is what would be your domain name? But first for those who have just started exploring the world of online business, the domain name is the name in your websites URL which you register through a domain name provider.

The Two Contentions

There are two ways on determining what your site URL or domain name should be, first is Keyword based the second is Brand based. What are these two? Well read on to know the difference.

1. Keyword Based – there was a time when many search engine optimisation companies believed that the search engine gives importance to websites having their keywords included in the URL or domain name of the website. It is because of this that many SEO companies have purchased keyword based domain names and used it to their website. True enough there were certain positive effects to the websites’ ranking in search engines. However, as time goes by this practice became frowned upon because of the fact that the search engine caught up to them and have had a negative effect in their ranking. On top of that keyword based url confuses visitors of your site since it is not the same as the actual brand name.

2. Brand Based – basically the idea is to utilise your own brand name as the domain name. Of course in terms of search engine optimisation it will not target specific keywords except for the brand name itself. Although you might miss out on any slight chance to target your main keyword you still have the opportunity to target such using other means. Brand based domain may be devoid of any keyword target but it does not confuse your visitor and further this will facilitate the process of your visitor memorising your domain name, provided of course that it is not that long.

For best practices it would be proper for you to use your brand name as the keyword, since what you aim to make popular is your own brand and not the keyword. Remember to develop your website and its contents for the user and not for any type of search engine manipulation. Build your brand and not your keyword make your brand popular and target your main keywords through SEO and other mean of online marketing processes, avoid any black hat strategies and focus only in building your websites’ brand popularity to gain more traffic and ultimately gain more revenue.

Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: August 22, 2012 4:16 pm


Link building is a very tedious task because of the fact that it is multi-faceted. Link building does not only focus on just creating links for your website coming from another website. Link building is more of creating quality links from diverse sources. This SEO cornerstone is an essential part of any SEO campaign and should be done properly and not hastily. Therefore, like any other endeavor you will have to incorporate systems and standards and especially planning.

Planning your Link Building Campaign

When planning your link building campaign you have to consider the following steps in order to have an organised link building campaign.

1. Research – research for a link building campaign does not only focus on keyword research, this will also entail competitor analysis and research. It is a known fact that many SEO companies are basing their list of links to be acquired from websites that are being used by their competitor. If not, at least knowing the link list of a competitor website will give them the idea on what links will work and contribute to their increase in search engine results page ranking or even their page ranking.

2. Content Development – like it or not, content is already an essential part not only for website development but also for content marketing and link building. With the infusion of the Panda and Penguin algorithm quality content and quality links are essential. Most of the websites that are of high quality where you want to gain a link for your website requires quality content like guest blog posts, reviews among others. This is why you have to take time to develop quality content for your link building efforts.

3. Implementation – The last part is of course the implementation of your link building campaign. When implementing your link building campaign it is going to go smoothly because of the fact that you have laid the grounds on your implementation process by strictly following the previous two processes.


Search engine optimisation relies on its two cornerstones however, it is important that you have to conduct the processes involved properly to assure that you will be able to lay the foundation of your entire campaign. Following such processes will make sure that you will approach the link building campaign in an organised manner. Allowing you to make sure that you will be getting links that will not be detrimental to your sites’ ranking but rather it would be something that will allow you to acquire quality links.