According to many SEO Companies when you conduct search engine optimisation campaigns you should forget SEO. Before you react of course allow us to quantify the statement. During the start of online marketing search engine optimisation was one of the most sought after strategy in order to gain traffic for their website. However, as time goes by many people have started to feel lazy in conducting SEO campaigns that they have relied on software and automation tools in order to conduct their content development and link building processes. Thus, black hat SEO strategies were born. Black Hat SEO is a combination of different SEO strategies where it’s purpose is to manipulate the search engines into thinking that such websites are better optimised only to find out after a closer look that the links and contents that were developed were actually of low quality and does not give great user experience.

One search engine, Google seeks to change that and in pursuit of their goal to make sure that their search engine results page return only the most relevant and accurate search results they have updated their search engine algorithm at a regular basis until they have developed the Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithms which were developed in order to combat low quality content and links respectively.

This makes the SEO strategy that people came to know to now be obsolete. If during the early days of SEO people seeks to create lots of contents and try to create lots of links, according to present day SEO this is not always the case. According to them in order to make an efficient SEO campaign one must forget SEO this does not mean that you have to forget the tenets of search engine optimisation, rather, it means that you have to change your mindset or perspective about search engine optimisation.

If during the early day you consider SEO as a process of gathering contents and links and focusing mostly on the quantity of links you must now look at SEO as a process of gathering quality links, regardless of the quantity as long as your links or contents are of the highest quality then your site is considered to be properly optimised.

Forgetting SEO means forgetting the old ways of implementing search engine optimisation, SEO is not dead it just evolved to a more challenging form but this time this form allows little or no room for any black hat search engine optimisation techniques.

An alternative to getting a high rank or a page one ranking in a search engine results page ranking is via advertising. One advertising method that is commonly done via the internet is through the pay-per-click method or commonly known as PPC. Pay-per-click method of advertising can either make or break your business. This is how fragile and how risky it is to conduct a pay-per-click campaign. We have heard of stories of people who became successful with their online business by promoting it via PPC, sadly however, we also have heard of those who lost their business through PPC because of the fact that their campaign was mismanaged. So if you have decided to conduct PPC you can still do it on your own or hire an SEO Company or SEO consultant to help you out. Either way you also have to learn more about the inner workings of PPC in order for you to better prepare yourself in handling your PPC campaign.

Things to Consider in PPC

The following are the things that you should consider if you want to conduct a PPC campaign for your website:

1. Consider Your Budget – unlike in Search Engine Optimisation, PPC Campaigns require money to run. You need to allocate specific budget to your bids on keywords that you want your site to rank for and be displayed on specific ad spaces.

2. Be Wary of Content Networks – if you would like to include your ad to be displayed on content networks it would be best if you would monitor this campaign separately, this is because of the fact that there are several spammy content networks that would give you a high number of clicks, which you have to pay for, but low number of conversions thus you would just be spending a lot of money for little or no return of investment.

3. Identify Your Target – if your product is specifically for a certain geo-location then it would not be wise to bid on a keyword that would cover the international market. This way you would only be spending for clicks that are truly targeted to your locality of choice.

4. Use the Right Keyword – relevance is the key when you choose the keyword you are going to bid on. Make sure that the keywords you will be bidding on is directly relevant to the services, products or items that your site is providing or selling. This way you can only have targeted visitors who are really interested on what you are offering making them the visitors where you can get the highest possibility of conversion.

Notes on PPC Account Audit

If you are unsure on how Pay Per Click works but have been motivated by the different success stories of those who have used such method, then do not fret. You only have to hire the best PPC Specialists who can conduct PPC campaigns and PPC Account Audits to make sure that you are on track with your campaign and that you are gaining more than you are spending in advertising.