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Posted on: August 1, 2012 8:00 am


This tutorial will guide you through the setup process of new type of  Google Adwords remarketing lists.  With the new version of remarketing lists the whole creation process is slightly changed, as there is no need to upload different tags on different pages, you just have to upload a single tag across the site and then setup remarketing lists based on your website URL parameters.

How to setup new remarketing lists based on one tag

1. Audiences. Navigate to the “Audiences” section which can be located on left sidebar under the “Shared Library”;

2. Create a primary tag.

a.  Create a primary remarketing tag by clicking on the “New Audience” – > “Remarketing List” and select a second option “Define a list of site visitors by placing a new tag …...” .  This tag has to be uploaded to every single page on your site (or just simply added to the footer of every page).

b. What to do if you already have multiple tags created and uploaded to your pages? My suggestion will be to close all of the remarketing lists and use only one tag-based  list which got the highest number of users and re-use that tag in every page of your website. Please be aware that after deletion of existing re marketing lists you will have to re-configure “Custom Combinations” too .

3. Define remarketing lists based on URL address. Once primary tag is uploaded to every page of your website, you have to start defining your lists based page URL. Click to create new “Remarketing list” and select the first option named as “Define a list of site visitors based on the selection below“  and add the parameters of the URL address. Example: Lets you want to create a list targeting all pages related to the “Conservatories“. In order to do this you create a list where URL  contains “Convservatories“.




To learn more remarketing lists please read Adwords help center.

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Posted on: June 6, 2012 3:25 pm


Google Adwords shared library can be very useful tool for sharing common elements such as Google remarketing audiences, negative keyword lists and placement exclusions accross multiple Google Adwords campaigns.


There are three sub-libraries available under the “shared libraries” on the left sidebar:

  • Audiences. This is the place where you can create and manage your  audiences for Google Remarketing campaigns. “Remarketing lists” will allow you to create a list of visitors who have recently visited your website  and “Custom Combinations” a tool for setting rules for multiple remarketing lists. (i.e include a remarketing list of people who have recently visited the website and exclude a list for visitors who filled an enquiry form)

  • Campaign Negative Keywords. Negative keyword lists that you can use accross the multiple campaigns. This may be very useful tool for sharing lists of common negative keywords such as towns, counties, countries, competitor brand names or any other combination of negative keywords. Actually those lists can be very valuable, because you can always download these lists and use them for multiple client adwords accounts.

  • Campaign Placement Exclusions. You can use this tool to share the placement exclusions accross the display network campaigns.

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Posted on: May 23, 2012 4:45 pm


If you are using Google Adwords quite often you may notice that there is a new tab named as “Display Network”. Do not worry it is not a new functionality of Google Adwords it is just an easier way to access and create campaigns for display network in one place.

There are 4 Display Network Targeting Tools available:

  • Display Keywords;
  • Placements;
  • Topics;
  • Interest & Remarketing.

All of those tools can be used in conjunction with every display targeting tool enabling to create highly targeted display campaigns. Just in a few clicks you can create a display campaign targeting relevant pages based on multiple targeting settings like  keywords themes, specific placements, a group of specific subject sites, interests and remarketing lists.

Display Keywords

Select a “Display Keywords” tab and click on the “Change Display Targeting” button to start adding display keywords in your campaign.

You just have to add few relevant keywords in the text field and then can get more keyword ideas by clicking on the “Find Related Keywords”. It is highly recommended to use 5-20 keywords in every contextual targeted campaign.


To start adding specific placements just click on the “Placements” tab and click on “Change Display Targeting”. You can search for placements by adding keywords or specific placements. Select specific placements you like and add those ones to the list.


To start adding specific subject sites just click on the “Topics” tab and click on “Change Display Targeting”.

Select topics you like, by searching for word, phrase or website. You can add as many topics as you want.

Interests & Remarketing

With this targeting tool you can actually pick the categories that users might be interested, or use your remarketing or custom combination lists.

Display Keywords