Reputation is both earned and given. It is earned in the sense that you can shape your reputation based on what you are doing in the eyes of the public. It is also given in the sense that your reputation can be molded based on what other people sees on you and says about you. In laymen’s terms, reputation is shaped through public opinion, and constantly evolves as you progress through life. The more popular you get, the more your reputation gets vulnerable against attacks, hence, the more you need protection.

One of the best examples of environment where reputation is easily manipulated and altered is the field of online marketing. With anyone can access the internet and can post anonymously in the webpages, online marketers really face great threat to their reputation. Basically, there are two ways why your reputation as an online marketer can be damaged. It is either your clients speak their own sentiments about your products or services and express their dissatisfactions or your tough competitors resort on black propaganda to ruin your name in the public.  And if you simply let these attacks on your reputation pass through, you might end losing everything about your business.

 The Purpose of Online Reputation Management

Answering online reputation attacks is online reputation management. Whether you are a small-scale businessman, or a big-time politician, a business guru, or a celebrity; the call to protect your reputation increases as you make yourself a public figure. Basically, managing your online reputation entails a lot to consider. One is thorough planning of what to do which includes the knowledge on the real issues, the involved parties, and the content. The real challenge in managing your online reputation happens when the damage has already been done in a wide scale. This needs you to implement an effective reputation management strategy that can counterattack the negative things being said about you or your company, products, or services without hyping the small details. One best way is to utilise the potentials of press releases to repair particular damages on your reputation.  However, the press releases can be of no use when no one is able to read them. That is why, they must be search engine optimised so to secure the top spots of the result pages of the search engines.

Today, the most widely used media among detractors are blogs. Here, they can freely express their opinions and sentiments about a particular name or brand no matter true or not without having held accountable. That is why as part of your online reputation management campaign, you can neutralise the attacks against your reputation through posting on that particular blog page and strengthen your post by linking it either to your own site or to your published press releases designed to uplift your name.


Nevertheless, the best way to manage your online reputation is by preventing somebody to cause negative issues about your name, products or services. This can be done by having a well-developed content in your site, providing opportunities for effective content distribution, and ensuring active participations in every discussion online relevant to you.

Nowadays, it is vital that companies must know how important to keep their image over the Internet as credible and trustworthy as it should be. Business corporations must know what online reputation management is all about.  It cannot be denied that each company has its own problems and oftentimes confronted with numerous challenges in order to stay on top of their game. Consumers and patrons will always be pressured by the information that they read and find out in the Internet. Thus, it is important to know how reputation management can help improve a company’s representation online.

Corporate Reputation Management

Reputation management can be broken up into different groups namely building, maintenance, and recovery. Building reputation management is simply putting together the status and standing of a company that is just new in the market. Maintenance reputation management is concerned mostly of ensuring that an industry’s image is always good in the eyes of the public. This kind of reputation management works best for corporations who already have a long standing in the market. A company which has acquired a negative image will need recovery reputation management. Specialists of corporate reputation management will find the ways and means to conceal all the negativity and come up with schemes to make a company look good again.

Reputation Management

While reputation management is exhausting and takes a long time for its outcomes to be felt by your company, there are various approaches to make your presence felt in the World Wide Web. Always bring your website up to date for the public to be informed of what’s going on your end. Ensure that your website is included in a list of directories with the use of SEO keywords. This makes it easier for a client to easily find the name of your company among those listed in the online directory. Take care that someone is there to put in writing excellent assessments and reviews of your business establishment. Be a part of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Know that there are a lot of experts that you can hire to steer your company in the right direction at the same time guard your company against the drawbacks with being visible online.

SEO Reputation Management

To further enhance the fine character of your industry is SEO reputation management. The information that you share online must be of valid and truthful. SEO reputation management utilizes frequently-used keywords making it convenient for a customer to search for your company online. Keywords should be positive words and specific to your company, your personnel, and the goods and services that you are proposing to the consumers.

There is a great amount of competition especially in the World Wide Web. It should be your priority that you do away with bad public relations. Be ready to deal with your customers in the best way that you can, listen to what they have to say and handle their issues right away. Maintain good relations with your consumers by being honest with them at all times.

If you are an SEO Company or an SEO consultant one of the things that you have to have is a good reputation. We very well know that one of the main consideration that a potential client is looking for is the capabilities of an SEO company or an SEO Consultant and such capabilities could only be shown through the company’s online reputation this actually does not only apply to SEO companies or SEO consultants this would actually apply to all those who are engaging in online business and those who have their website.

Why Build Your Reputation Online?

One of the main reasons why you have to build your online reputation is the fact that you are entering into a vast world on competition, and showing a strong portfolio would mean that you will most likely be preferred by clients searching for products or services which you may offer. Since the scope of coverage for a website, or its power of reach is global, competition is really intense. Another reason why you have to build your reputation online is because of the fact that you want your clients and potential clients to build a feeling of trust and confidence towards your brand or towards the product or services that you have to offer.

How to Build Your Reputation Online?

Building your online reputation is very easy, you just need to be very consistent in how you conduct your transactions online. The following are some of the things which you could do in order to build your online reputation:
1. Create a Social Media Community – social media has a very diverse type, there are social media platforms such as facebook, microblogs such as twitter and of course the different blog sites. You can build a community through your Facebook page, your twitter handle and you can also build a community of followers through the readers of your blog. Whatever your choice of platform is building a community would help you in building your online reputation.
2. Create your own Brand – creating your own brand is as easy as incorporating your logo into your website, this way people who visits your site would easily associate your products and services with your website. This creates a base for your online reputation because your brand will be what the clients remember and associate with the products or services that you will be offering.
3. Ensure Smooth Transactions – ensuring smooth transactions will give your clients the enthusiasm to give your website, product or service a great review. There are several online review sites which would allow people to write a review about a company’s product and services thus if you will ensure smooth transactions with you client chances are they will be motivated to write positive review about your company, products and or services.
Building an online reputation and the processes involved therein are fairly easy, however keeping a positive reputation may be difficult if you or your company would not practice consistency on how transactions are handled or dealt with.