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Posted on: July 31, 2012 3:10 pm


In the field of online marketing, developing a sound search engine optimisation campaign is imperative. It of course requires an expert in the field of SEO to understand what the campaign should be and what are the techniques that should be used specifically for such campaign. Only SEO companies and SEO Consultants understands the different ranking factors on what affects a websites ranking in Google’s search engine results page ranking. Knowing or identifying the ranking factors makes it possible for an SEO Company or an SEO Consultant to make sure that their campaign is worth conducting and would be giving positive results.

Nature of a Ranking Factor

Ranking Factors are not revealed or handed down easily to the SEO Company or SEO consultant. No search engine company would reveal their ranking factors, instead their algorithm including the ranking factors are being kept secret to the public for reasons of preventing people from abusing the search engine algorithm and tricking it into ranking a low quality website. Ranking factors are known or discovered by SEO companies and SEO consultants, mostly discovered through case studies and conduct of experiments.

Current Ranking Factors Discovered.

The following are the current ranking factors that were discovered through extensive research via the search engines.

1. Social Media Influences SERP – through a research done, it was revealed that indeed social media is considered a ranking factor for a websites search engine rankings. Based on the research of searchmetrics it was found out that Google Plus, Google’s social media platform, plays a big role in influencing the ranking of a website in the search engine. While Facebook comes in second in terms of influencing SERP for a website.

2. Links Build Ranks – link building is not  a new process nor is it a new discovery in relation to ranking factor. What is relatively new in terms of link building is that research have shown that the no-follow links also offer value in terms of search engine optimisation, contrary to the notion before that no-follow links does not influence rankings in anyway.

3. Proper Site Title and Description – using keywords in your title and keywords were thought to offer no value SEO-wise. However, it was revealed that websites that contains keywords in their title and description still is valued by search engines, however stuffing the title and description will lead to your site’s suspension rather than having your site to be ranked high in the SERP. Title and Descriptions must be written naturally and not intended to mislead the search engines.


Although ranking factors were revealed one thing remains to be clear, that is when conducting your SEO campaign make sure that your goal is to exhibit quality in your website. Quality links should always be built and not spam the website, content should also be of high quality and not spunned, grammar and spelling must also be proper. Remember you are building your site not for search engine bots but for people who will be your potential clients, thus bear in mind that you have develop your site according to your chosen audience.

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Posted on: February 6, 2009 12:58 pm


I have decided to write this post today because lately I have spoken to many people who think that just linkbuilding or just adding meta tags alone will see a website rank on the first page of the search engines.

Below are the different factors that need to be taken into consideration when conducting search engine optimisation in a competative industry, I have also added a value of how much influence each factor can have on the optimisation.

Link Anchor Text – 20%

Domain Authority - 20%

OnPage SEO – 5%

Site Age – 5%

Link Diversity – 10%

In Community Links – 20%

Link Anchor Text – 20%

Although I cannot guarantee that implementing the above will get you ranked highly on the major search engines, I can tell you that if you implement the above factors on your website you should see increased rankings, and will have a website that has a higher authority than it currently has.

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