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Posted on: May 8, 2013 9:20 am


Google has made more small changes to its search results by removing the ‘more results near’ feature in the local search results. The feature gave the searcher the opportunity to view more results in the local area as well as natural and organic results. For example, if a user was to search for pizza in Chelmsford, the search results would display pizza outlets and sellers in Chelmsford as well as addresses, telephone numbers and maps. In addition when Google showed local listings in the organic and natural search results, Google would also display a link that the user could click to show ‘more results near…’ which would display results found directly in Google Maps and Google Local.

Yesterday, this feature had disappeared.


Jade Wang, Community Manager for Google + posted the following comment:

‘We have seen some questions about the small update to local search user interface on Google (removal of ‘More results near…’ link –

Thanks for your feedback about the small update to the local search user interface on Google. This is one of several updates we are working on to improve the local search experience, with the goal of more seamless exploration of places and more integration of local data. Stay tuned for more updates soon.’

The new change comes after several other recent amendments that Google has been reluctant to advertise including related searches filter, previews and cache. It seems as though the search engine giant is making some small regular tweaks to explore the best ways for consumers to find local searches as well as keep results as thorough and detailed as possible. In terms of search engine optimisation, the effect on results is still unknown – after just 24 hours it is hard to tell but if Google continues to make small and unannounced changes it will inevitably have an effect of search engine optimisation listings – detrimental or beneficial.

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Posted on: October 19, 2012 9:19 am


SEO Positive understands the importance of optimising your content and ensuring you appear high on Google rankings. There are certain ways to increase the optimisation levels of your copy and this tutorial explores how.

  • Add a Meta description – this part appears as a summary on Google rankings. It should be a snippet no more than 150 characters including spaces and should sell the website. It must contain some keywords and be concise and interesting.
  • Make sure every Meta description is unique – every blog post should have a unique Meta description about what the certain post is about. This increases SEO presence and alerts Google to new and unique material, which the search engine favours.
  • Add non follow links by customising Robot.txt files – for pages that may appear as duplicates non follow files should be added, this can include pages like printer friendly pages. Google can penalise for pages that seem the same and decrease your Google visibility.
  • Add a sitemap – this displays each part of your site and can also alert Google to fresh content posted on your blog.
  • Add custom error 404 pages – User errors such as typos or readers trying to change URL addresses manually rather than clicking on tabs can result in error pages occurring. If a unique and personal 404 error page is created it can be provide the user with a link to a page that does work and keep their presence on your website.

These simple and easily applied factors can optimise your web copy and increase your chance of appearing high on Google’s rankings. Blogs are also an effective way of achieving this and should be regularly updated and are a big commitment, so if you have spent lots of effort and time creating posts it only makes sense to ensure the possibility of them getting read.


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Posted on: January 26, 2012 9:18 am


Social media can be used to improve a lot of areas in your business, especially areas which directly involve your customers. If you have an active campaign and a great level of engagement with your followers, you will find many of these tasks easier to do with the use of social media.

Detecting And Resolving Customer Complaints

Finding and resolving complaints is very easy to deal with when using social media. The most easy would be twitter management to accomplish this. This is because you can run searches for your business name and receive all tweets containing your company name, this way you can deal with any negative opinions. You can also acknowledge and thank any good comments. Both of these actions will help improve your following and relationship with your followers.

Receiving Feedback

Through proper Facebook management techniques, you can run polls and ask questions to your fans about anything you want, so this can be very helpful as you can receive feedback on new product and find out what your customers really want. You can also do the same thing on Twitter, however this is a little harder to manage than Facebook because all you can do is tweet out and hope for your followers to reply.

Providing Technical Support

Tech support is usually handled over the phone, but we have so much technology available nowadays and social media really helps with this. For example, you can use Google Plus hangouts to visually answer and explain answers to your customers, and text support can be given easily to followers via Twitter and Facebook.


Social media has many benefits, and using social media to benefit the customer experience is a great idea and is something that very company should be trying to do. A social media agency can run these kind of techniques effectively and beneficially to you and your company, whether you’re a retail company or an SEO agency.

Posted by: Lewis Austin

Posted on: December 16, 2011 11:34 am


Do not exist; Twitter marks all of their links that are outbound as no follow. Even the links in Twitter user’s bio, but that does not mean Twitter cannot be used to bring in links.

The Twitter feed known as Twylah, pulls all tweets from your Twitter stream and post them on your profile page. The only problem with this is that Twitter users will most likely be using URL shorteners which such as, this means that the URL will not have an anchor text, which would be very helpful, however having that link which points to your site is better than nothing.

If your Twitter profile is on topic the majority of the time, then the links that are sent out will be seen as more important. Not only that, but if you do some link building to your Twylah page to increase its’ PR and SEO value, then the links that Twylah send out will become even more important!

If you want to make the most out of Twylahs links, stop using URL shorteners as this will help with branding. However if your posts are too long, then you will either have to live with’s or shorten the rest of your content.

You must not get too carried away with this using Twitter as a link building service, if you would like to do this then I would suggest creating a dummy profile just for SEO links. Because if your following on Twitter joined before you started using Twitter as a link builder, you will no doubt lose your following.


Twylah is a great way to pull in free links, but it is essential to not get carried away with it, make sure your original use for Twitter is still there, otherwise you will find your profile is losing follows gradually until you have none left.

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 1:29 pm


Ever Googled yourself? We all know we have and chances are you have found another random person who just happens to have your name. You think to yourself that you should be up there and would love to be on page 1. Just so you can show off in front of your friends.

So how do you optimise yourself to be on page 1? You can’t, but what you can do is optimise one of your social media profiles. The way to do this is through link building. One of the easiest ways to do this is link from your site to your social media profile with the anchor text of your full name. If you do not have a site of your own, try guest blogging on other people’s sites or using the website known as MyBlogGuest where you can submit your articles and include the anchor text to your profiles.

In the majority of cases, not many people will be optimising their social media profiles for their name because they would not generate any business out of it. This is purely vanity and just something you can show off to people.

If you are not such a good writer then the only other thing you can do is purchase link building services, but I think the fact that you are page 1 for your name is not worth purchasing the link building services. It is worth writing some articles and including your social media profiles as the correct anchor text.

Most guest posting sites will let you link to a website and your social media profiles, so you can optimise not only your social media profile, but other sites at the same time, which will no doubt help to increase your SEOcampaign and the results that it will bring.


Optimising your profiles is something to do because you can, it can be used to help with social media, but unless you’re famous there is no point because there is probably a low amount of people searching for you. So it is fairly simple to optimise your profiles for your name due to the low competition.

Posted by: Matt Wood

Posted on: November 22, 2011 5:01 pm


YahooSEOs world wide would have been redirected to the dreaded page of the “site explorer update” In a nutshell, this service is no more and we are going to have to find another place to locate a reliable source of backlinks.

We were all told that Yahoo site explorer was going to be closed down at some point, but it has come to a shock to all SEO’s of the world. Such a massively used and reliable tool is now no more.

Yahoo have said that Yahoo search has been merged with Bings’ Webmaster tools. For many toolbars such as SEO Book, this has caused a massive problem. Beforehand, we had the ease of viewing the amount of backlinks a page had, without even having to open up another browser.

What Is Next?

It is fair to say that Yahoo! Are finished and this site explorer integration to Bing was the last step. SEO’s will have to find a new source of information to base their research on, this will prove to be a difficult task, especially because Yahoo was free and provided excellent results. This could lead to many SEO companies having to go down the route of purchasing software which was once not needed but could now be an essential factor of any SEO business.

The integration into Bings’ Webmaster tools could prove to be a good thing, however this may not completely take off because it may be unable to include into a toolbar like it was for Yahoo site explorer. Fingers cross that there is something that can be done on the situation, because SEO’s will be feeling the burn of an essential tool being snatched away.

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Posted on: November 21, 2011 10:18 am


Optimising your social media profile is very similar to a website. There are fields like bio and name which are like the page title and description, but the main advantage is that if you are regularly using these profiles, then your page will have fresh and regular content, which Google loves. So how do you make the most of this opportunity?

Firstly, these profiles will naturally rank quite high when searching the name of the profile in Google. If there is a consistency in the profile names, for example all of our profiles are named either SEO Positive or SEO Positive LTD, these naturally rank. However, if we want our Twitter, Facebook and Google plus profiles to pop up when someone searches the name SEO Positive, how do we do that?

Link building, it is a very simple technique that works with websites and also social media profiles. If you or your company has a blog, throw a link in to your profile, for example you can mention the word Twitter, and link your Twitter profile to that. If you want to take the more extreme route, you can use an anchor text link with your business name. This is the best thing you can do to optimise your profiles. By making an effort of linking to your profiles in each of your blogs, even if they are guest posts, then your profiles will rank higher because of this.

Having your social media profiles rank higher is great for things like reputation management, because it makes your profiles more visible to potential customers which will not only help increase your following, but also help your customers get to know you and your company a little better.


Because your own company name is not a very competitive key term, so you should see results quite soon, and if you make a conscious effort to send links in the direction of your social media profiles, then your profiles will stay up there and not only help build your fan base or following, but help build and maintain your current reputation.

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Posted on: November 18, 2011 10:12 am


If you were to try and use Twitter to help link build for your site, you would be called insane because Twitter make all of their links no follow. What if there was a way that you could use you Twitters’ content, to create a website and link out from that website to your own site which is in need of inbound links.

Twylah is an ingenious idea that has been long awaited. The site pulls all of your content from Twitter and organises it into topics which is based on keywords in the mini blogs. Twylah also shows what topics are trending with each user. According to Twylah, my trending topics are: SEO, Google, Facebook, Brand, Social Media and Google +. That sounds fairly accurate to me.

Besides Twylahs’ clever trending feature, it has much higher potential. I myself guest blog quite frequently, and have made a constant effort to link build to my Twylah page to help increase the worth of that site in Googles’ eyes. My Twylah page has a PR of 1, however I have also been link building to SEO Positive’s Twylah page and they have a PR of 3! This must be due to where the links are coming from because the SEO Positive page has a few links going to the page where as my laustinseo Twylah page currently has none. This must be due to SEO Positives PR of 5.

So if your Twylah page does have a relatively high PR, then you can begin to use it. The first and most obvious would be to link to pages that need more attention in terms of search engine optimisation, this is what would naturally happen, but also you could begin to sell a link going from your Twylah page, to someone elses and it can become an outgoing link service, all from your Twitter feed. There are a lot of possibilities with Twylah, and as your page progresses, its’ worth will increase.

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Posted on: November 16, 2011 10:16 am


Blogs have always been crucial for search engine optimisation; there are a few factors of your writing that need to be spot on. The reason why a blog is essential for SEO is because it generates fresh and usually relevant content, and depending on how often the blog is updated, the more or less helpful it will be.

Updating Your Blog

Adding new articles to your blog can be very difficult, the actual writing part is one of the easiest steps, and it’s actually the topic of the article which can be the hardest to come up with. This isn’t a bad thing, it is just a case of writers block and everyone gets it from time to time. One way I have found to help inspire topic ideas for articles is by signing up to Google alerts for topics that I write about. Sometimes even this does not help because there are periods of time where nothing new is happening in your industry but something will eventually turn up. It is through the times where nothing “new” is happening which will prove to be some of the most difficult for writing, but when this happens it is the perfect time to write how to’s and the infamous top 5 things not to do articles. They may seem a little bit repeated, but if you are writing for SEO reasons, then the topic should not be of a huge concern anyway.

Adding Keywords

Adding keywords is something a lot of bloggers can struggle with but the correct keywords tend to pop into the article naturally. If you key word stuff your article, it will have a negative effect due to the black hatted techniques. Also the quality of the article will be severely poor.

As long as the topic you are blogging about is related to your industry, you will find the keywords do flow naturally, if for some reason the keywords are not in your article. Just go over the article and find a section where you can add them. One way of doing this is by adding an example where you mention your keywords.

Linking to the Right Page

Once you have keywords in your article, you then need to link to the right pages. Try and link exact keywords to the page you are optimising for them terms, also if you are on Google plus or any other social network, like Twitter, you can link build using your blog for key phrases like a company name, or a key term you want your profile to show up for.


Writing can prove to be difficult, and when that writing is affecting you SEO efforts, the pressure begins to mount up, but by baring a few things in mind, the problem of writers block can be avoided and your writing will begin to benefit your optimising efforts.

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Posted on: November 15, 2011 10:24 am


Google announced yesterday that there have been some more changes in their annoying algorithm. A total of 10 changes have been made public but that does not necessarily mean there isn’t any more.

For the full list, visit their inside search blog for the full details. The most important update is most likely the freshness update. It was announced on the 3rd but has been added to this list, this somewhat emphasises how important the freshness factor is.

The freshness update is looking for the most recent content in a nutshell. Google believes that it is more likely for someone to be searching for information that is more up to date, instead of historical information. However some may be using Google to research past events, the majority use Google for recent updates. That is what the update is telling us anyway.


No need to panic in terms of SEO, we all know that Google loves content and it always will. This freshness update may have become somewhat of a surprise but this update can be used to an advantage. The majority of people do have a blog which naturally relates to their business, so if you are not already, just make sure your blog is regularly updated.