A lot of people were shocked at the new steps that Yahoo is trying to achieve, for those who have been following the search engine wars knows that Yahoo have been ousted by Google in the number one spot for the most used search engine. Since then Yahoo have been trying it’s best to compete with Google and regain the top spot to no avail. It even took the search engine pioneer to merge or enter into agreement with another of Google’s rival, Microsoft’s Bing.

The Yahoo Dilemma

After Yahoo fell from the rankings and have consistently owned only a small portion in the search engine users’ pie, the company entered into a ten year deal with Microsoft with the hopes that it would boost their share of search engine users. Up to today however there have been little to no significant change in their share of search engine users. This explains why Yahoo’s stock value has continued to plummet, and Yahoo would not want to have that so they had several changes especially in the ranks of their CEO. Recent Yahoo CEO’s did not last long and have been replaced only to find out that they will also be replaced. This may be attributed with the fact that Yahoo’s search battle with Google still puts them at the losing end.

CEO Search Ends?

Yahoo of course would like to get the company back on track as still there are investors that are willing to fund the company. The latest moves by Yahoo came as a surprise for some because of the fact that they were able to net or convince one of Google’s executive who is instrumental in their success in search among other Google products. This Google executive is in the person of Marissa Mayer, known as Google’s 20th employee and was the designer of what known to be Google’s iconic web page. Prior to taking the CEO post at Yahoo, Mayer was heading the local places venture of Google among other projects.

The Basis of Yahoo’s Choice

According to Yahoo’s spokesperson the  reason why Marissa Mayer was chosen was because she stands as an advocate for the user, her background proves that she is able to create her ideas revolving around the user and not mainly on advertising. This would mean therefore that there is a huge possibility that Yahoo may yet again move into another direction with Mayer at the helm.

What To Expect

The fact that Mayer came from the search engine giant, Google, she might apply the different strategies that she may have implemented or have learned from Google, or maybe do it better. Already the news about her transfer to Yahoo gave positive effects to the company as their stock rose to 2% minutes after the announcement of Yahoo’s new CEO. If everything falls into place Yahoo might again become a significant signal in the radar of every SEO Company and SEO consultants and with a savvy marketing team Yahoo may also gain advertisers through their different advertising programs like their own version of the PPC. One this is for sure, Yahoo is not done yet and Google may have to prepare for another battle.