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Everyone loves a free link, and if it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do, you’re mad for not doing it. Google Plus has released business pages so you can now create a profile for your business, but not only that, you can use this profile to help improve your SEO efforts.

There are 3 areas on each Google Plus page or profile that you can use to send links your way: introduction, website and recommended links. The last two are fairly obvious to send links your way but you need to make sure you are using them properly. The first is introduction; this is the designated area to describe yourself or your business. Make sure your keywords are in this section as it will not only help you rank on Google + but you can use this to help your site rank. Simply highlight a keyword or phrase, select link and add in your website.

The website area is self-explanatory but there is no opportunity for an anchor link like the introduction area. The recommended links section allows you to show your friends your favourite pages. The title of the page is basically the anchor text, so in this case, you can take the usability route or the SEO route. The usability method would be to name the page, for example SEO Positive sends you to our home page. However this opportunity could be used for SEO purposes and you could enter one of your keywords. This choice will vary depending on how you want to use your Google Profile, if you are using it simply for the SEO factor then no doubt you will be making the most of the anchor text, but you could also use this for reputation management. However this is another story.

Social Networks like Google Plus offer you the links for free, which will help your SEO efforts and help you rise through Google’s SERP’s. Opportunities like this need to be made the most of because they could make all of the difference in the rankings, and from a high ranking site like Google, it is an essential link grab that if anything is encouraged.

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Posted on: November 14, 2011 10:56 am


There are a load of different types of conversions, but the question of Facebook ads dawns on all Fan Page owners, is it worth paying to get a few extra fans? And more importantly, will they convert?

A sister company of SEO Positive, who are fairly new in their industry, however they have tried to use Facebook ads and over the period of time that they were running these adverts, their following sky rocketed. But did they convert into sales?

Their Facebook store did not receive any sales, however they did use voucher codes that where only advertised via their social media accounts, there were two uses of this code which means that the discount code was seen and there were conversions. It must be raised that some of the fans on Facebook may have converted but went under the radar by not using the social media codes. The only way that this can really be combatted is to have a “where did you hear about us” section somewhere on the website.

By having a voucher code that was just for social media, the company were able to track some of their Facebook efforts. But it is nearly impossible to track all of them due to the lack of analytics Facebook provide. The voucher code is a great idea that all social media campaigns should be including because it does give some insight into how social efforts are going.


It is difficult to say whether or not Facebook ads will result in conversions, many think that the money spent on Facebook might as well have been spent on Google Adwords because the conversion rate would be higher, this is not always the case due to website usability compared to Facebook pages, this varies between sites but it is something that will change between niches and companies. The best thing to suggest is to try and find a Facebook ads free credit code where you can test it out to see whether your business gains any benefit from Facebook ads.

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Posted on: November 9, 2011 10:14 am


google plusYesterday we were all made aware of the long awaited release for Google Plus, but we need to think whether there is much point spending a lot of time designing and creating another page, when you already have a Facebook page. There is one feature that puts Google Plus’ pages in another league to Facebook and their Fan pages.

Hangouts where one of the major features of Google +, even when there were not business pages available, it allowed up to 10 people to chat using video and audio and even more people to be able to join by text chat. This can really benefit a lot of different type of people and pages, but in terms of pages and businesses, it can become a great asset for many reasons.

My first example would be a support feature. The hangout can be started by the page and simply name the room as support. Then any customer or potential customer that has a question or needs help can join the room and ask for help accordingly. Because of the video chat capabilities, face to face interaction is possible, but not only that, demonstrations can also be shown. If a customer for example, does not know how to use their product, then the customer services in the hangouts can show exactly what to do.

On top of that, if a business is releasing a new product or maybe a new SEO Package something along those lines, then hangouts can be used to demonstrate the product and build up hype. Plus, if customers are in the hangout, then they can ask questions directly about it that specifically intrigues them. This means that customers will have the opportunity to get tailored information instantly.


Of course there are a few more examples, and really the sky is the limit in this case. Each business will use hangouts differently but they are there and they can be a great selling point, not only that, it increases customer service standards and creates a relationship between the business and the customer. I think hangouts ia a great feature, and the fact that pages can use them too is great! Definitely one more reason why Google Plus Pages are more resourceful than Facebook Fan Pages.

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Posted on: November 7, 2011 10:05 am


anonymousEarly this year we were all made aware that Facebook was going to be hacked and destroyed by the hacktivist group called Anonymous. The attack was to happen on the 5th of November, significantly symbolising with Guy Fawkes. However, as many Facebook users watched their screens for signs of Anonymous activity, they were relieved of their worries, or were they disappointed?

The many YouTube videos informing its’ viewers about the “attack” amassed roughly 600,000 views. Needless to say that there are definitely more than that, but the question must be raised, did we actually want Facebook to be taken down? After we heard about all of the data mining and the many flaws of the privacy policy which includes the inability to delete your account, did we want it all to be deleted? I did to an extent. In fact, OpFacebook pushed me to delete my Facebook account because it brought awareness to the many flaws.

Anonymous stated that they were not attacking Facebook, and nobody believed them. We have to keep in mind that Anonymous do not have a “leader”, and the group consist of Hackers from around the world with different views and beliefs. It is without a doubt that some members of the group wanted to take down the social network, but the majority did not. On the official Anonymous twitter account, there was no mention of the Facebook plot, and OpFacebook’s Twitter account has not tweeted for a long time. So it is fair enough to say that the rumoured attack had no affiliation with Anonymous.

The fact that the operation had no affiliation to Anonymous really doesn’t matter. Facebook is still running, and it is still online. What did we expect? Facebook is Mark Zuckerbergs’ baby and I would imagine that it is practically impossible to hack into. Although I cannot say that for sure because I know nothing of hacking, regardless Facebook did not go down and it is very unlikely that it will.

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KloutHeavy users of Klout would have noticed the update on the K! system and from what I have seen, the majority are not impressed. I however am neither dissatisfied but I am not overjoyed. It has been raised that people don’t love Klout, they love their scores. Of course there is a certain amount of truth to this statement, it is a vanity feature to some and it makes those with a higher score feel important and so on.

My score was 60 and after the update I “dropped” to 51. That, however is just my K! score, my true reached shot up from roughly 150 to 1769! and I only have 220 followers on Twitter that to me is an insane increase. The rest of the fields stayed at the same sort of level.

My K! score should have a huge descent on the graph, but it hasn’t. It has remained at a steady increase, in fact, I have got +2 in 10 days, which is a whole lot better than dropping 9 marks in just a few days.

A lot of Klout users are declaring the analytics scores’ end, but is it? Klout is still in its’ beta stages and this is just another update that every beta has. They have made changes to their algorithm to make their score more accurate because previously one of the biggest questions about Klout was its’ accuracy. Fingers crossed this will fix the situation.

I have always used Klout as a way to track and measure my social media efforts, and now that it is “more” accurate, I will continue to use it because it is one of few systems that takes a wide variety of social networks and measures important statistics, for example true reach and influence.

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CompetwitionCompetwition is a brilliant website that is heavily dependent on the social networking phenomenon that is Twitter. Competwition, for those who haven’t guessed already, is an integration of competition and Twitter, which is Competwition in a nutshell.

Running contests on social media has always been one method of earning followers, and it most likely always will be. There is only one problem with running contests and that is for the social media campaigns that have just started, these contests go unnoticed. Competwition is a great site that displays your contest.

So How Does It Work?

Competwition allows different text to be entered, such as a description and even a tweet out message, also there is a legality section. You can add an image of the prize too! Once you create your contest, you send it off to be reviewed, now I had some trouble with this but one of the employees (Mark Bowering) responded to my submission and really helped me. He even submitted a new and improved version of the contest for me.

When your contest is live it will appear in the list of running contests on the competwition site, sometimes they will even tweet that you have been added to the listings. The contests that end soonest will appear on the first page and the competitions with a longer wait time will be towards the end.

If someone does enter your contest, they automatically follow your twitter account (you can choose any account you want), they also follow the Competwition Twitter account, AND they tweet a message of your choice, including a link to the contest.

The Results

Using this service really proved fruitful for my Twitter account, I ran the contest for a month and it still has four days left, in that space of time, Competwition has brought me 232 followers. There is no question that using Competwition has been an extremely beneficial process, and I will definitely continue to run contests through this site.

Just for comparison, before I started using Competwition, I had roughly 30 followers, but now, I have 234. Not to mention that there is still four days left on my contest, so I expect the numbers to creep up a little more.


Competwition is a great tool for increasing your following, it is something that everyone who is running a competition for their social media campaign should not only be aware of, but become a user of Competwition. It is a free service and if you’re running a contest, it will help massively to get the ball rolling, so without further ado, here is the link to Competwition

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This addition to the case study is a revision on how many people have you in their Circles. The last time I measured this, the SEO Positive profile was added to 25 people, it now stands at 65 which is just over twice as much. For those that have not read the previous additions, here is part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Keywords Current Position Previous Position Movement
SEO 63 74 +11
SEO UK 2 2 0
UK SEO 2 2 0
SEO Company 3 3 0
SEO Companies 2 2 0
SEO Services 1 1 0

It would seem that all of the key words, except from SEO, have acquired a sturdy position in the rankings, the term SEO has shot up quite a bit and the increase in Circles must have played a part in this.

I wanted to see the competitor’s profiles and inspect how many people have added them and the list is as follows.

Key Word Position Number of Adds into others Circles
SEO 1 695
SEO 2 1295
SEO 3 281

There is clearly a correlation that states the more people that have added you, the higher you will show. This however, is clearly not one of the only factors because second place has twice the amount as position one. It is something that I think has an effect but there are other factors that make a difference.

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researchSorry to disappoint you, but advertising on social networks is not sufficient to rocket your brand from ordinary to extraordinary. Yes, creating a Facebook page dedicated to a business can certainly increase exposure of that organization’s products and services, and may even lead to new conversions, but the real power of social networking stretches far beyond that—it lies in the ability to foster word of mouth recommendations and social buzz that makes your brand a household name. This article tells you why.

The Power of Word of Mouth via Facebook

A 2010 study conducted by Forrester Research revealed some interesting information about how social networking impacts consumer behavior:

  • 68% of Facebook users are more likely to purchase a product if they have seen that product recommended by a friend on Facebook.
  • Despite this, users of Facebook don’t actively use the social networking site to research new products.
  • Two thirds of the survey participants said they thought Facebook was a poor tool for researching.

A further survey by Retail Advertising & Marketing Association (RAMA), as described in an eMarketer research report entitled Brand Interactions on Social Networks, revealed that US social media users (and adults in general), are more likely to give product related advice than search for it. Yet, despite this, only 21.6% of participants said that they had shared information about a product on a social network or other online community. So, simply put, word of mouth on Facebook is extremely powerful and if consumers come across recommendations provided by members of their social network they are likely to act on them. However, they will not actively seek such recommendations and the population of people who do provide such recommendations represents one fifth of social networking users. So, if user’s are not using Facebook for research purposes what are they using?

Resources Internet Users Use to Research Products

The PowerReviews and the e-tailing group, “2010 Social Shopping Study,” as published in the eMarketer Brand Interactions on Social Networks report revealed the following useful information about customer’s Internet research habits:

  • 3% of participants said they used social networking to research a product.
  • 57% of Internet users commenced their research process by using a search engine to look up a product.
  • 20% of users start their research with a brand’s website and, as such, already have a brand in mind when they select their product.
  • 18% research at a retail outlet to directly compare products.
  • 2% ask their followers on Twitter for advice.
  • 71% of survey participants stated that they were influenced strongly by customer reviews. Of which, 31% were influenced by their friends’ Facebook posts.
  • 25% said they found Facebook company pages influential.

Why are customers less likely to use social networks for research purposes?

There are two main explanations:

  1. Information is better organized on the Internet and more easily searchable via search engines than it is on social networks.

The information contained on social networks wasn’t intended for search; it was designed as a steady, convenient stream of current information about the activities of friends and acquaintances. Product information is only a distant secondary goal of social networking sites and, as such, those sites haven’t yet developed a simple, accessible method of organization of that information.

  1. The information on social networks pertaining to products and services is incomplete.

Social networks weren’t designed for in-depth engagement and analysis. They were created to provide brief updates on-the-go. As such, any user who asks their friend’s opinion of a product or service via these vehicles will likely receive brief, incomplete responses that do not provide sufficient information upon which they can make a decision.

What does all this mean for you?

It isn’t sufficient for brands to be present on Facebook. The extent to which you are discovered on social networks has more to do with the coincidental comments of others than your own presence there with a page. You therefore need to find a method of creating buzz around your products and services, something that encourages social networking users to spread the word about your company and what you do. It is also important that you remember that people are still using other means to search for you, traditional search engines in particular. So while you should continue to invest in social network based marketing, you should also ensure that you thoroughly explore other avenues as well. Remember: people can’t recommend you until they discover you. Make your brand visible and provide a reason for people to market that brand to their social networks on your behalf.

Spencer Belkofer has had a busy year. After starting Lumin to provide high quality web design Birmingham AL started to call his name so he expanded by creating an additional location in the Birmingham. Lumin is also an Alabama SEO company, helping buisnesses improve their online visibiiity at affordable prices.

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In today’s present time, online marketing is very common. Many businessmen use social media. It is a way to promote their products or services.
The start of a social networking site gives rise to loads of marketing possibilities. A lot of people visit these sites frequently. Have you ever wanted to make a going for a song lead traffic on your websites using a social networking site?

Following are the steps to be taken:

Active Member

Lead traffic can be get from a social networking site. Do not look ahead using the site without doing nothing. Register on the site and get traffic.
Being hesitant is not a problem when you join a social networking site. The communities in social media are very active. You will love and enjoy the dynamics.

Profile Page

People learn about yourself and your business from your profile page. Modify your profile page in relation to your website. Your profile page can be used to connect with other social profiles.
You can have traffic when others click your profile page. Promotion of your website can also be done. Winning more friends is also possible.

Building Relationships

Do you have peers and classmates who are on social media sites? Invite to attract traffic on your site. You can start expanding from making invitations to people you know.
Inviting and adding other people is very important. These people can be your core group. Promotions can be relied on the friends you added to your network.
Find for members who have the same interest connected to your business. Send your members some reminders when you have a story or write-up.


Using bulletin can be helpful. Do not emphasize too much your site. Views and opinions are shared on the bulletin.


Sending shouts daily to your friends can be irritating. At times, too much eagerness can go wrong. It can be treated as spammer when you repeatedly send shouts.Making friends is your priority when using a social network site. Business is done later on. A strong and reliable relationship should be built first before establishing promoting your business.
Try to study some resources when you feel like you are not sure of using social media. Video tutorial is a good source. Search on various advices on how to employ social media. A social networking site is a great help when you want to send traffic on your site.

Chris Marentis is an experienced marketer who likes to write aboute Surefire Social and local marketing experts