The world of search engine optimisation is fast changing; this is because of the fact that technology, particularly internet technology, is also evolving at a rapid rate. Few years ago, search engines are only confined within the reach of internet users utilising their desktops and laptops. Today, the web have gone mobile thus the search engines are also now accessible through mobile devices. Searching through Desktop and searching through mobile devices has its differences in terms of search results for a single keyword, which means that the mobile search result may give a higher or a lower ranking for a particular website based on a certain keyword.

Why is there a difference in Search Results?

The reason why there are differences in search results is the fact that the algorithm in Mobile search has a slight variation from that of a desktop search. Therefore, there are also different approaches in terms of search engine optimisation, hence the term mobile SEO.

What are the Differences in Mobile Search with Desktop Search?

As stated above there are several differences with regards to mobile search as compared with the conventional search through desktop and laptop computers, these differences alters the result in the search engine results page of a mobile search engine as compared to that of the desktop search engine and these are because of the following:

1. Smartphones have differences in Operating System – Android OS and iOS are the most common operating system for mobile, the difference lies in the applications used to browse the internet and the search engines, for android users, the fact that there is a need to login to their android or google account means that the user will have to do the search query while logged on to Google, which means that the search engine ranking will be influenced by the users’ personalised search rather than the actual search results.

2. Local results are favoured in Mobile Search – mobile applications installed in smartphones sometimes requires the tracking of the person or smartphones’ current geographical position, once this feature is activated the search engines will return results in their search engine results page favouring sites that are within or proximate to your location.

3. Mobile Algorithm – as announced by the different search engine companies they have provided a different search engine algorithm for mobile, basically such algorithm is a combination of both the desktop algorithm with the different mobile search algorithm.


Mobile search results and its algorithm is indeed different from that of the desktop version of the search engine. It is no wonder why there are several differences in terms of search results between mobile and desktop search. This is why SEO companies and SEO consultants must also take into account the fact that Mobile SEO should be incorporated in their SEO campaign as we know it mobile is becoming the most popular technology worldwide.