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In the field of Search engine optimisation, there are several things that are constant and clear one of them is the fact that search engine algorithms are changing. With this change in the algorithm comes several consequences, it might be something positive that it would increase your websites’ ranking or it could be something negative which will decrease your websites’ ranking in the search engine results page. More often than not the negative effect outnumbers the positive effect. One of the latest algorithm change was done by Google where they released the so-called Penguin algorithm update. In the Google penguin algorithm update it focused on penalising websites that are using low-quality links to their websites. It has been known before that links are easy to acquire through automation tools and through different black hat link building strategies, and using such strategies one can manipulate the site rankings in the search engine results page. Google Penguin algorithm update seeks to put an end to such practice.

Why Do Link Auditing

From the statements above of course you can already extract one reason why you should conduct link auditing.

1. Determine Harmful Links – with the incorporation of Google Penguin not all links are now considered to be beneficial, there are links that are now considered as harmful. If you have been building links prior to the Penguin algorithm update it is necessary for you to conduct a link audit process, in order for you to determine if the links you have built previously for your website is doing harm to your rankings or not.

2. Competitive Analysis – another reason why you should be conducting link auditing is to analyse your competition. If your competition has better ranking than yours they might be doing something right especially on the side of link building. This is why it is necessary for you to conduct a link audit in order to determine if your links are matching up to the links built by your competition. This way you will be able to map out a plan in order for you to create a link building strategy that would go beyond what is being done by your competition with the hope that you will be able to increase your ranking better than your competition.

Conclusion on Link Audit

With Link auditing you will be able to better prepare your website from different algorithm changes, remember that a search engine algorithm does not remain stationary, it is dynamic and it changes every time. So if you want your site links to last you need to conduct regular link auditing processes.

Keywords are essential part of any search engine optimisation campaign. The writing of your article and the building of your links depends on the keywords that you would like to target. This is why it is important that you target the right keywords. How do you target the right keywords you say? Well you have to do actual keyword research where you compare the different keywords according to the number of traffic through the number of search usage and the competition difficulty based on how many websites and web pages utilises the same keyword.

To conduct proper keyword research processes for your search engine optimisation needs you have to have a keyword research tool that will give you accurate results on what you want. There are of course some keyword research tools that are sold in the market however many would prefer to have a free keyword research tool just like the one provided by Google, the Adwords Keyword Tool.  Unfortunately, Google’s keyword tool is not one hundred percent accurate and it might cause problems in your SEO campaigns later on once you discover the inaccuracy of the data you got. If you have an adwords account and have utilised adwords before you might have in your possession a very valuable keyword tool which is the search query data.

The search query data is a lot more accurate tool for keyword research because it provides the following:

1. True Performance Data – since this is from your Adwords campaign for your own website, the search query data will contain actual website outcomes, there is no estimate and no guessing only true data.

2. Targeted Data – the search query data is unique to your website it does not come from any other source or does it track any other website except yours. So the data gathered or contained within the search query data if only for your site and your competitor could not even access it.

3. Actual CPC Data – again since this is focused on an actual Adwords campaign the cost per click data is not an estimate unlike those that are presented in Google’s Keyword Research Tool. With the true value of your cost per click data you will be able to put an actual value on your SEO campaign and how much should you put into the said campaign.


This method of course is applicable if you have already worked with Adwords for your website, if you haven’t this is something which you should try in order not only to conduct  a PPC campaign for your site but also gather relevant and useful data for your future SEO campaigns.

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Bloggers have been around ever since people have started bringing their journals online, originally known as a web log, this type of online journal have already evolved into becoming more than a personal site. Blogging in 2012 is considered as both as professional and personal news, anyone who maintains a blog is called a blogger. Bloggers provides information through their blogs depending on the niche that they have chosen or have focused on. Usually, bloggers chose a niche that is within their expertise thus indirectly making them an authority in the said niche.

Blogging and SEO

Normally, bloggers gain their traffic from the number of readers and followers, they do not actually focus much on SEO, however we do not discount the fact that bloggers implements SEO methods. However, more than SEO copywriting, bloggers focuses on the quality of their content, they are focused more on getting the message across through their articles.

The Panda and Penguin Effect

When Google changed their algorithms to ensure quality content and links, numerous problems arose, link building methods and content development methods that produce low quality content and links have been rendered useless by the two algorithm changes. Google focuses on quality content to clean out its search engine results page of any low quality and irrelevant sites. Where does blogging comes in? There are times when bloggers are unable to update their blog sites on a regular basis and by doing this many readers may not be able to get the freshest news about their niche. This is why blog sites especially those that have already established their foothold in their chosen niche requires help from other writers, thus allowing writers to go guest blogs.

What is Guest Blog?

Guest blog is primarily a written work posted on a blog site that is written by another person other than the blogger or site owner. Blog sites that usually encourage guest blog posts have usually sets a high standard in order to allow articles to be posted in their blog. One of the criteria is that the article should not be previously posted in other sites, and should be your original work. Another is that it should be written with the highest quality where the topic is focused on the blogs niche. In short, guest blog posts should be of the highest quality. In exchange you can place a backlink or two pointing to your own website. Since the blog sites are high quality sites, you can be assured that the link you will be getting is of the highest quality.


Guest blogging is one way to gain quality backlinks, however, before writing a guest blog post you have to still discern whether the blog site you are guest posting on is of high quality. This can be done by checking their page rank as well as the sites content and links on whether or not its backlinks are taken from link farms or other low quality sites. This means that not all blog sites are of high quality, low quality blogs are those created only for advertising and link building purposes.


Time and again we have been mentioning the fact that whenever Google updates its algorithm many SEO companies would scramble to determine if their sites were hit. If indeed their websites were hit by the Google Algorithm change many would give up but some would find ways and means to recover their lost rankings. Why is it important to recover lost rankings? This is because it is where your revenue would eventually come from. Ranking in the first page top three of Google search engine results page in a keyword with high traffic would mean that your site is easily searchable and would rake in a lot of traffic and potential conversions.

What Penguin Algorithm Did?

When Google released the Penguin “into the wild”, the wildlife of the internet and search, it attacked websites that has utilised web spamming techniques in order to trick search engines into ranking their sites high up in the search engines results page rankings. Web spamming techniques such as keyword stuffing, link spamming and gaining tons of links from low quality websites are just some of the techniques that Google Penguin is tracking to gauge whether or not a site should be suspended or de-ranked.

How To Recover From the Penguin Algorithm

You may have noticed by now that some SEO consultants are sending emails to different low quality websites asking them to remove the link that was previously placed in their sites. Not to get ahead of ourselves here are the different steps that you can take in order to recover from penguin algorithm update.

1. Trace Low Quality Links – go back to your link list and track the different websites linking to your own site. Determine if such site was built for linking or if it is a high quality website. Determine low-quality sites that linked to your website and build a contact list.

2. Ask to Remove the Links – initially you want those links in their website, otherwise you would not have ask them to place it there in the first place, ask the site owner politely via email or any other means to remove the link pointing to your website.

3. Trace Keyword Stuffing and improve content – not everything on Penguin is about low quality links, keyword use and abuse is also one of the things that Google Penguin is looking at. Go back to your content, have you used too much keywords? If so it may be time to reduce it. Keyword density matters but one thing you should understand is that you can even rank in your chosen keyword without minding keyword density in your content. There is no specific rule on what the desired keyword density but stuffing the content with keywords is definitely a red flag for Google Penguin.

4. Start a New Content and Link Campaign – After you have removed the poison links and have improved the quality of your content, it is now time to start a link building campaign and a content development campaign. This way you will be able to implement gathering high quality links and posting high quality content to your and in your website respectively.

5. Ask for Reconsideration – once you have implemented quality content and quality links you can ask Google for reconsideration through their reconsideration form provided via Google Webmasters tool.


It is of course understandable that implementing all of these steps may take a long period of time, especially if you do not have people who can work as fast as possible during the implementation phase. This is why hiring a great and well experienced SEO company will make sure that you will be able to get the results you need in a fraction of the time when you make your own recovery campaign.


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Link building is a very tedious task because of the fact that it is multi-faceted. Link building does not only focus on just creating links for your website coming from another website. Link building is more of creating quality links from diverse sources. This SEO cornerstone is an essential part of any SEO campaign and should be done properly and not hastily. Therefore, like any other endeavor you will have to incorporate systems and standards and especially planning.

Planning your Link Building Campaign

When planning your link building campaign you have to consider the following steps in order to have an organised link building campaign.

1. Research – research for a link building campaign does not only focus on keyword research, this will also entail competitor analysis and research. It is a known fact that many SEO companies are basing their list of links to be acquired from websites that are being used by their competitor. If not, at least knowing the link list of a competitor website will give them the idea on what links will work and contribute to their increase in search engine results page ranking or even their page ranking.

2. Content Development – like it or not, content is already an essential part not only for website development but also for content marketing and link building. With the infusion of the Panda and Penguin algorithm quality content and quality links are essential. Most of the websites that are of high quality where you want to gain a link for your website requires quality content like guest blog posts, reviews among others. This is why you have to take time to develop quality content for your link building efforts.

3. Implementation – The last part is of course the implementation of your link building campaign. When implementing your link building campaign it is going to go smoothly because of the fact that you have laid the grounds on your implementation process by strictly following the previous two processes.


Search engine optimisation relies on its two cornerstones however, it is important that you have to conduct the processes involved properly to assure that you will be able to lay the foundation of your entire campaign. Following such processes will make sure that you will approach the link building campaign in an organised manner. Allowing you to make sure that you will be getting links that will not be detrimental to your sites’ ranking but rather it would be something that will allow you to acquire quality links.

Before you start listing down hardware supplies that would actually make your computers “animal-proof” no these tips is not designed to literally make your website impenetrable from any animal’s physical attacks. This actually pertains to giving you some insights on how you can make your website impenetrable against Google’s Panda, penguin and other algorithm change animals that my come out in the future. Google have been naming their algorithm updates based on animal species or common names and every algorithm update is said to be affecting a lot of websites in terms of their rankings in the search engine results page.

The Latest Updates

Before any SEO company and SEO consultant could provide protection on their sites against any algorithm update the SEO company or SEO Consultant must arm themselves with ample knowledge on what the algorithm update is all about.

1. Panda – the Google panda was developed in order to filter out the search engine results page by displaying websites with the highest quality of content. Thinly written contents as well as contents that are spinned, copied or duplicates are frowned upon by the algorithm and will actually penalise websites that will utilise such poorly written contents.

2. Penguin – the penguin on the other hand was developed in order to combat web spam. Some unscrupulous SEO companies or SEO consultants are utilising automated link building processes disregarding the quality of the link created and focusing on the link quantity. Creating massive links but are of poor quality is what the Penguin algorithm is penalising.

3. Pirate Penalty – well this is not actually an animal’s common name, but this is actually the up and coming algorithm change by Google in order to filter out contents that were proven to be infringing copyrights of others. This new algorithm will focus on penalising websites using contents such as videos, audios among others which were just copied from an original source without prior permission obtained. The basis of the penalty will be on the number of DMCA notices along with other parameters which Google refuses to divulge.

Protecting Your Website

From the three algorithm updates Google’s direction is clear, that is to provide quality content within the website that wishes to be ranked in their search engine results page and that the user should be of paramount consideration when developing content, links or the website in general.

For the Panda update developing high quality and informative content will assure you of a proper position within the search engine results page if not at least you will be sure that you site will not be penalised by Google. To combat the penguin algorithm you need to implement quality link building campaigns, that is you only build links from sites that are trusted and are in itself having a high page rank.

For the pirate penalty update, it only requires you to create your own content, never copy anyone else’s creative output. Should you copy such creative output be sure that you got the permission from the owner before you actually utilise such content in your website.


Whatever type of algorithm update may come from Google you can protect your site from being penalised by developing your website and its content for your visitors and not for you or for the search engine bots. Create original, quality and informative content that your visitors would love to share through social media networks.

It has been observed that whenever Google release a search engine algorithm update or change many SEO companies and SEO consultants have been reacting like the sky is falling. No, they do not react just because of a mere announcement but rather the reaction is because of the fact that their sites have been hit and might have been penalised and de-ranked by Google in its search engine results page ranking. If this happens what comes next is the decrease in traffic and worst the diminution of their revenue. Of course if your revenue goes from hundreds of pounds a day to zero then you would definitely shout that “the sky is falling”.

Panda and Penguin

Google Panda and Google Penguin is Google’s names to their latest algorithm update. Panda, as discussed in our previous blog article, is concerned with the quality of a content while Penguin is concerned with checking the quality of the backlinks that were created for link building purposes. One must understand that these two algorithms focused on checking or auditing the two cornerstones of SEO these are link building and content development.

SEO Techniques to Avoid Getting Hit

The principle of both Google Panda and Penguin is very easy this is to maintain quality in your SEO efforts especially in link building and content development. For Google Panda quality of the content is being put under its “microscope”. When we say quality your content must be well written in your chosen language or medium and that your content must be understandable and informative. For Penguin your backlinks must come from highly trusted sites and not just built for the sake of quantity.

Additional Techniques

Here are some additional techniques which you can do:

1. Analyze your Analytics – if you have connected your website to Google analytics then you will get fresh and helpful data regarding your website. Check whether your site visitors have a high bounce rate, if so this means that your website has a poor user experience. User experience is one of the factors that Google algorithm is looking at to make sure that every website provides quality information to the users and not focused only on developing a website for purposes of advertising without offering quality information for the users.

2. Start Blogging – included in the Panda algorithm is the Google Freshness algorithm where it makes the Google search engine “favor” websites with updated contents against static websites where content is not being updated daily. The only recourse possible in order to make sure that your website is being fed with fresh content is through blogging, incorporate a blog page to your website in order to integrate product updates and blog posts about your company or your locality.

3. Start Being Social – it has been observed that social signals are also being considered as a ranking signals, this means that the more social your site gets, that is more likes and more +1’s will also increase your search engine rankings. So start posting relevant and interesting posts on your social media platform of choice and engage your users the more they talk about your product and the more share you get the better your social signal is.


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In the field of online marketing, developing a sound search engine optimisation campaign is imperative. It of course requires an expert in the field of SEO to understand what the campaign should be and what are the techniques that should be used specifically for such campaign. Only SEO companies and SEO Consultants understands the different ranking factors on what affects a websites ranking in Google’s search engine results page ranking. Knowing or identifying the ranking factors makes it possible for an SEO Company or an SEO Consultant to make sure that their campaign is worth conducting and would be giving positive results.

Nature of a Ranking Factor

Ranking Factors are not revealed or handed down easily to the SEO Company or SEO consultant. No search engine company would reveal their ranking factors, instead their algorithm including the ranking factors are being kept secret to the public for reasons of preventing people from abusing the search engine algorithm and tricking it into ranking a low quality website. Ranking factors are known or discovered by SEO companies and SEO consultants, mostly discovered through case studies and conduct of experiments.

Current Ranking Factors Discovered.

The following are the current ranking factors that were discovered through extensive research via the search engines.

1. Social Media Influences SERP – through a research done, it was revealed that indeed social media is considered a ranking factor for a websites search engine rankings. Based on the research of searchmetrics it was found out that Google Plus, Google’s social media platform, plays a big role in influencing the ranking of a website in the search engine. While Facebook comes in second in terms of influencing SERP for a website.

2. Links Build Ranks – link building is not  a new process nor is it a new discovery in relation to ranking factor. What is relatively new in terms of link building is that research have shown that the no-follow links also offer value in terms of search engine optimisation, contrary to the notion before that no-follow links does not influence rankings in anyway.

3. Proper Site Title and Description – using keywords in your title and keywords were thought to offer no value SEO-wise. However, it was revealed that websites that contains keywords in their title and description still is valued by search engines, however stuffing the title and description will lead to your site’s suspension rather than having your site to be ranked high in the SERP. Title and Descriptions must be written naturally and not intended to mislead the search engines.


Although ranking factors were revealed one thing remains to be clear, that is when conducting your SEO campaign make sure that your goal is to exhibit quality in your website. Quality links should always be built and not spam the website, content should also be of high quality and not spunned, grammar and spelling must also be proper. Remember you are building your site not for search engine bots but for people who will be your potential clients, thus bear in mind that you have develop your site according to your chosen audience.

Search engine optimisation as everybody knows is a very tedious task, at first glance the untrained person would think that the process of search engine optimisation is a very easy task considering the fact that you would just sit in front of your computer and just click and type on your mouse and keyboard respectively. But once you immerse yourself in the process of search engine optimisation you will realise that it is not really that easy, it requires creativity, intellect and a good understanding of both the technical and the creative aspects of search engine optimisation and other areas related to online marketing.

The Process of Search Engine Optimisation

The following are the breakdown or the different steps on how search engine optimisation is done, of course what we are presenting here are just the basic or the structure of an entire SEO process commonly done by SEO Companies and SEO Consultants. Again creativity is one factor that may get your SEO campaign into getting good results so do not stick to what we present you can take the idea and be creative in your processes.

1. Keyword Research – every successful SEO campaign is rooted on a solid Keyword research. This is because in this process you would like to know what specific keywords you would like your site will be indexed and ranked by your target search engine. So keyword research will form the foundation of your SEO Campaign.

2. Content Development – with the recent Panda algorithm update Google have already penalised websites that do not contain content that gives value to the readers. Spinned content or thinly written content are frowned upon by Google and thus would result to penalising the site having such content. This is why it is important to always write contents that are relevant, informative and creative, search engines loves indexing and ranking content that really gives value not only to the search engine but most of all for the users, thus you have to write your content for the visitors of your website not for the crawlers or search engine bots.

3.  Link Building – another of SEO ‘s cornerstone is link building, the only thing you have to understand about link building is that each link that will go to your site is a vote to your site however with the advent of the Penguin algorithm quality of link is more important than quantity and how do we determine quality? The easiest way is to determine the page rank of the website linking to your site. A higher page rank means higher quality of link.

4. Progress Monitoring – Constant monitoring is important even if you have already reached your quota or if you have reached page 1 of Google. This is because of the fact that you are competing with other websites and if you do not maintain optimisation process the competing sites may be able to overtake your site ranking and may cause the drop in your ranking.

So is SEO Easy?

There might only be four processes presented but from the processes and risks involved this makes SEO a difficult task, not to mention the fact that you are competing with thousands of other website wanting to be ranked in the first page of the search engine in your chosen keyword. Search engine optimisation is not easy but it is not impossible either, it just takes time and constant work on your website.

Link building UK services are offered by professional providers who are exceptionally good at what they do.  Link building is significant in making one’s website flourish and helps promote lots of visitors to access a particular website.  Specialists providing link building UK services have the knowledge and the coverage to understand the intricacies of Search Engine Optimisation. They are the people who have the proficiency to put into practice any scheme that is suitable for a particular customer and the needs of the business.  These dedicated personnel observe courses of action that are reasonably and consistently arranged to make sure that website attains a high rank.

Link Building Services UK

Link building UK services give you the best in terms of link profiling and SEO because the people working behind the scenes know that each customer has his own unique need and interest. Thus, they are able to provide various approaches to satisfy their clients and able to meet their customers’ expectations. A website will not be able to achieve its marketing goals online if it does not make use of specific advertising procedures. For a website to do well in endorsing and making public its goods and services, it is advisable that a company draw on link building services UK. This is a sure-fire way of getting noticed online.

One- Way Link Building Method

Diverse kinds of link building methods are proffered by link building services UK. There is   the one-way link building method which uses one website and associates this particular website with your own. This is necessary for quality and value aside from commercial purposes. This type of link building encourages a lot of visitors to your website which in turn make your company more visible in the World Wide Web. One-way link building should be done by a qualified webmaster so that you are assured that the back links that you are provided with are of good quality.

Manual Link Building

The other kind of link building UK method is identified as manual link building wherein numerous websites are attached to your own site. This process takes quite a long time to establish that you are better off hiring a specialist. If your business is small, you will find this suitable for your website and gain a better rank among the search engines online.

Link Building London

There are countless link building London systems for proper visibility and recognition in the Internet. The asking price for link building London services depend on the type of link that you prefer and the number of submissions and listings that you would like to take advantage of. The going rate for link building services is above £100 and reaches up to more than £     1000. There are also discounted fees that you avail of depending on the package that fits your needs.


It cannot be denied that link building is fast becoming an essential part of online marketing. Just keep in mind that whatever the amount of money you are paying for your link building services, make sure that it is of excellent quality.