Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: February 22, 2012 2:24 pm


In the world of online marketing, many SEO companies and SEO consultants consider landing pages as one of the most effective strategy since these types of pages allows online marketers to convince visitors to avail of the services or products that your site is offering. Landing page is basically defined as the web page that your site visitors would first see after clicking a link into your website. Since this is the first page that you would be providing to your website visitors then it is your first and maybe only chance for you to convince your visitors to avail of your products, services or at least subscribe to your website. Creating landing pages might seem to be an easy work however it actually entails a lot of elements especially if you want to make your landing page effective. Landing page optimisation is very important in order to convince your traffic to convert to your clients. How do we create an efficient landing page? Here are some tips:

1. Do not Clutter your Landing Page – of course you only have one page to convince your potential clients however cluttering the landing page with too much call to action and images may only confuse your clients. Keep your design simple and your message straight to the point, avoid confusing your site visitors.

2. Include a Call to Action Statement – above anything else a call to action message should be present in your landing page. Advertising psychology reveals that a call to action message is an effective way of convincing potential clients to avail of the sellers’ product or services.

3. Avoid Incorporating Annoying Behavior Codes – one of the things that many site visitors dislike is the fact that some landing page are intruding or taking control from them. It would be best to let your visitors know that they have full control when visiting your landing page, thus incorporating behavioral codes like Javascript which could annoy your potential clients should be avoided.

Landing pages are not developed overnight, it requires continuous tweaks in order to discern what would work and what wouldn’t work. So keep on testing your landing page and keep on working on your landing page optimisation techniques.