The process of bringing your business online starts when you have purchased your domain name. But the question is what would be your domain name? But first for those who have just started exploring the world of online business, the domain name is the name in your websites URL which you register through a domain name provider.

The Two Contentions

There are two ways on determining what your site URL or domain name should be, first is Keyword based the second is Brand based. What are these two? Well read on to know the difference.

1. Keyword Based – there was a time when many search engine optimisation companies believed that the search engine gives importance to websites having their keywords included in the URL or domain name of the website. It is because of this that many SEO companies have purchased keyword based domain names and used it to their website. True enough there were certain positive effects to the websites’ ranking in search engines. However, as time goes by this practice became frowned upon because of the fact that the search engine caught up to them and have had a negative effect in their ranking. On top of that keyword based url confuses visitors of your site since it is not the same as the actual brand name.

2. Brand Based – basically the idea is to utilise your own brand name as the domain name. Of course in terms of search engine optimisation it will not target specific keywords except for the brand name itself. Although you might miss out on any slight chance to target your main keyword you still have the opportunity to target such using other means. Brand based domain may be devoid of any keyword target but it does not confuse your visitor and further this will facilitate the process of your visitor memorising your domain name, provided of course that it is not that long.

For best practices it would be proper for you to use your brand name as the keyword, since what you aim to make popular is your own brand and not the keyword. Remember to develop your website and its contents for the user and not for any type of search engine manipulation. Build your brand and not your keyword make your brand popular and target your main keywords through SEO and other mean of online marketing processes, avoid any black hat strategies and focus only in building your websites’ brand popularity to gain more traffic and ultimately gain more revenue.

It is no secret that researching for the right keyword would be the very first step in any type of SEO campaign. Many SEO Companies and SEO consultants knows that every keyword entered by search engine users would allow SEO agents to identify the intentions of the searcher. By identifying the type of keyword entered by the search engine user, SEO companies and SEO consultant would be able to identify the intentions of the search engine user and may be able to correlate it with the different data gathered. From there SEO companies and SEO consultants would be able to devise new online marketing plan.

The Different Types of Keywords

1. Transactional – this type of keyword implies that the searcher or the person using the search engine is looking to acquire a specific transaction. Transaction may vary from purchasing an item online or downloading a specific file. Whatever may it be the user seeks to gain an item online, and an example of such keywords are preceded by the words “download”, “cheap”, “buy” followed by the item being searched for. Example would be “download free software”.

2. Navigation Keyword – this keyword is used by searchers whenever they want to search for specific brands like Google, Facebook or Microsoft among others. Specific brands are entered in the search engine query boxes by the search engine users in order to locate a specific website related to that brand. Businesses who have established brands of course would be benefitting from this keyword provided they have their own website.

3. Informational Keywords – this type of keyword on the other hand is used by search engine users to locate specific type of information. Usually the keywords or phrases are queries in nature. For example “what is a bee?”, “directory of SEO Companies in UK” among others. This is where longtail keyword use will be beneficial as there is a considerable amount of search engine users that are using informational type of keywords.

Conclusion on Types of Keywords

Keywords determine the type of campaign that your SEO Company or SEO Consultant would apply to your website. The type of keyword will indicate how the SEO campaign is going to be planned or drafted before implementation. Thus keyword research is imperative even before developing your content or building your links. This is why keyword research and the knowledge in the types of keywords is an important prerequisite before drafting the SEO Campaign plan.

In the field of search engine optimisation, SEO companies and SEO consultants have to familiarise themselves with what LSI is. This is because with the current changes in Google’s search engine algorithm the Latent semantic indexing feature of your website or SEO campaign must also take center stage if you want to make a successful search engine optimisation campaign. With the new Google algorithms, the Panda and the Penguin, search engine optimisation campaign must now be of high quality rather than focusing on the quantity of content and links created.

What is Latent Semantic Indexing

As stated above LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, this concept basically is the process of indexing websites to a particular keyword through which context the keyword was used. If you can remember, Google have been improving its algorithm in order for the search engine to “understand” the meaning of a keyword and would return a relevant list of websites in its search engine algorithm. For example a user used the keyword jaguar, this word have two meanings, the animal and the car, Google’s algorithm will try to determine which meaning is the user trying to find out about in order for the search engine to return a relevant search engine results page. Through LSI Google will be able to determine the meaning of an ambiguous word depending on how such word was utilised in the content or article.

Solving the LSI Dilemma

The goal of every SEO company or SEO consultant therefore is to make sure that every keyword that they are using in their website content would show the context of the said keyword. So to make sure that the keywords you are using are going to be according to your desired context you can do the following:

1. Use Industry Specific Terminologies – to make sure that you are telling the search engine that you are using a keyword with a particular meaning try to incorporate different industry specific terminologies that will pertain to the meaning of the keyword to which you are trying to rank for.

2. Branding – if your selected keyword is also associated with a specific brand then it is also best to include in your article writing efforts the use of the brand name of your website. This will increase the ability of your website to rank in an ambiguous keyword according to the meaning to which you have used the keyword.

3. Use Synonyms – if there are some words which have its corresponding synonym it is important to use the synonyms of that chosen keyword. This will tell the search engine that you are using such keyword according to the meaning based on its synonyms.

Conclusion on Latent Semantic Indexing

The use of Latent Semantic Indexing is now an important factor for a SEO company and SEO Consultant to focus on due to the benefits it could deliver to your traffic, rankings and return of investments, the goal of course is for Google to return accurate relevant results in their search engine results page making the search engine user-friendly, relevant and accurate.

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Posted on: April 16, 2012 2:42 pm


Every SEO company and SEO consultant knows that the keywords are the driving force of every SEO Campaign. This is due to the fact that keywords are the point in focus in the different SEO strategies like link building, content development and even in Pay Per Click campaigns. Keywords play a big role in search engine optimisation because of the mere fact that it is through keywords that search engine users are searching through the data over the internet. For an SEO company or an SEO consultant, determining the right keywords to be utilised for the campaign is very important however if such is used improperly it could still spell disaster to your SEO campaign. To put in perspective, it is not enough to find the right keyword such should also be used properly whether in your link building or content development efforts.

How Do SEO companies Use Keywords Properly?

There are several ways on how SEO companies and SEO consultants would use the keywords properly and these are:

1. Consider Keyword Density – every SEO company and SEO consultant knows that using the keywords too much in the content will result to an interpretation by Google where such would constitute keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is the excessive use of keywords in the content and this is considered as a black hat technique. When developing your content use the keywords at an ideal keyword density do not overuse it which may make the content to be already out of context.

2. Consider Keyword Location – there are places in the content where keywords will be most effective and to properly situate such keywords would mean better visibility from the search engines. The locations where keyword effectiveness are in its maximum would be at the site’s heading, page title and subheading.

3. Consider Type of Keywords – there are different types of keywords according to the degree of competition, the head, neck and the long tail. Where long tail would be the keyword type where there would be lots of traffic but with less competition, while the head keyword are those with high traffic but with very high competition. Using a keyword where you cannot rank due to strong competition would be detrimental to your campaign.


Choosing the right keyword should always be complimented by using such keyword properly thus it is very important to always bear in mind the different tips mentioned. Making sure that you use the right keyword and follow the right way to use them will be a good start to gaining great results for your SEO campaign.

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Posted on: March 29, 2012 2:10 pm


One of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation is on keyword research. Keywords are the driving force of your SEO campaign because every SEO campaign starts with knowing the right keywords which you will be targeting for your campaign.

Why is it Important to know the right keywords?

Knowing the right keywords to use as target for your SEO campaign will give your website a wider range of exposure. There are times when SEO companies or SEO consultants were able to increase the ranking of a website for particular sets of keywords however their traffic did not have any significant increase. This is because of the fact that the keywords that were used for such SEO Campaign does not yield a significant amount of traffic. Keywords have variable amount of traffic that it can direct to your website, this is because of the fact that keywords are used by search engine users in order to search for the information that they require. Keywords are said to be viable if it yield a lot of traffic, it is ideal if aside from yielding as lot of traffic it is also less competitive.

How Do I Look for the Right Keyword?

Choosing the right keyword is just like putting yourself in the shoes of the person using the search engine. Ask yourself, if I were the person searching what would be the keywords which I would use to locate the information that I need?

It would be best if you could list down at least five related search terms or keywords. After which it is time for you to determine whether the search terms that you have listed down are viable or not.

How to Determine if Keywords Are Viable?

There are several free tools that you can use in order to determine the viability of a keyword. The most popular keyword research tool is Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool. This keyword tool informs you on the estimated traffic or users searching using the keyword that you have listed. Anything above five thousand searches is a good source of traffic. The Google keyword tool also indicates whether the search term is competitive or not. If you intend to use Google’s keyword tool it would also be imperative that you utilise Google insights which will help you further analyse the keywords through the monthly or yearly number of traffic, the source country of the said traffic among other useful data.


To create a strong online presence targeting the right keyword is imperative, and to determine its viability it is important to know the total number of users using such keyword and the total number of competitors who are optimising their website using such keyword. The right choice of keywords is the right driving force for your SEO campaign.

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Keywords are vital in your SEO campaign although it should be coupled with other processes. Since keywords have that degree of importance in your SEO campaign it would be imperative to learn how to optimise keyword use. Choosing the right keyword is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of keyword use, you have to take into consideration some factors in order to use these keywords at an optimal level. Knowing these factors or considerations will greatly augment your Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

The following are the factors or processes that you have to take into consideration in your pursuit of keyword optimisation.

Keyword Equilibrium
You must maintain equilibrium in your keywords by choosing according to their popularity, relevance and competitiveness.

The following are the suggested combinations:
1.a. Keywords with  High Competitiveness should be paired with keywords of High Relevance.

1.b. Keywords with High Popularity should be paired with Keywords of Lower Competition and Higher Relevance – this is considered to be the ideal equilibrium in a keyword.

1.c. Keywords with Low Popularity should be paired with High Relevance

Keyword Matching – You will have to create a landing page in order to achieve this. When you do create a landing page make sure that your keyword should match such landing page. What is the landing page for? Well a good landing page matched with a keyword will give convenience to your website visitor as it will direct them to a page where most of the queries in their mind will be answered by the landing page and will then in turn benefit your SEO campaign by possibly turning it into a conversion. Just some point to remember when you create the landing page, since you want your customer to be landing on a one stop shop of information about your website make sure that the information contained in the landing page is relevant or related to the search term.

Keyword Combination – the purpose of doing this is to get double benefits in your SEO efforts by combining two popular search terms or keywords into one key phrase, also it will have the possibility of doubling up on the relevance of your keyword to your site by including your businesses geographical location. For example if SEO is a popular term and Company is also another popular term you can combine them into SEO company if you are an Search Engine Optimisation company, in addition you can also include your location like for example the keyword “Florist” and you are running your business in London so combine them into a key phrase of “Florist in London”.

Of course we have to understand that it is not only in keywords that we should place our SEO efforts but observing these steps will be a good start in your SEO campaign.

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Posted on: March 27, 2009 2:14 pm


It is a known fact that in the process of search engine optimisation, methods or techniques are not absolute; algorithms are constantly being modified if not entirely changed. Despite of these limitations one concept still remains to be a constant factor in SEO and that is on the use of keywords or key phrases. Choosing the right keyword is important; this could spell the success or failure of an SEO company’s Search Engine Optimization campaign. How does a person choose a good set of keywords or key phrases? SEO may not be an exact science and keyword choosing is not exactly subjected into a strict scientific process, but there are initial steps that can be followed to ensure that when it comes to keyword choosing such was done in a well thought-out manner and not just done in random.

Here are some tips to guide first time SEO’s in choosing their keywords:

Get inside the searchers’ head – put yourself in the position of the searcher think deep on what may be the different keywords that a searcher may use if he/she is trying to look for your products or services that you offer. By doing this you will cut down on all the possible keywords that are relevant to your website content.

Establish your identity – a company will not be complete without its business name, in your SEO campaign the business name will play a vital role as it will be the very first consideration when you will start thinking of keywords that is relevant to your website’s content. In addition, you also have to establish the definite products or services that you are offering and when you integrate them into keywords it would be advisable to use the generic term for your products or services.

Identify the basic need that your company is going to provide for – most businesses are created because of the presence of the need for such products or services, therefore in your search for keywords to be used in your SEO campaign you have to take the need you are providing for and turn it into a keyword or a keyphrase. For example your company provides or sells tropical fruits then you might want to consider keywords such as “fruit basket” or “tropical fruits”.

Accept the fact that searchers may commit typographical errors – it is not that we are encouraging you to make use of more misspelled terms than correct ones in your SEO campaign, but we must accept the fact that errors in typing is commonly committed, therefore in order to cover that error in your SEO campaign you have to analyse your company name and other pertinent keywords and write down a list of possible incorrect word that may emanate from your keyword.

Use your business location as a keyword – Since the internet is a global public access of information we have to take into consideration the geographical location of your business. Unless your business caters to the global community, you have to add in your list of keywords your business location in your SEO plan. You do not want to waste your SEO energy in customers living in the Philippines if your business can only cater to customers residing within the U.K.

As I have said SEO is not an exact science but following these tips will not make you lose anything but rather you might gain an increase in rank or two.

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Posted on: March 27, 2009 2:05 pm


In every SEO campaign the basic, but most significant component of your website are keywords. Success in your SEO campaign may be achieved by having a good sense of keyword choice. We have to remember that Search Engine Optimisation is not a complete and exact science, it is dynamic and most of all there is no formal field of study that focuses on SEO, therefore we have to take things into the proper perspective and understanding that keyword choice initially depends on the SEO company that will campaign your cause. But of course the final approval on the choice of keywords will still come from you, the business owner because you will be the one who will choose the keywords, key terms or key phrases that you would like your company to be known for. So choosing the right powerful keyword will greatly help your SEO campaign.

But why do we have to really carefully scrutinize and choose the keywords for our website? What can we actually benefit from it aside from the vague fact that it will help us in our SEO campaign? Here are some benefits listed for you to dispel the cloud of doubts on the usefulness and power of correct keyword choice.

The right keyword will attract the right customers. It is a known fact that when we choose the keywords for our website it is much preferred to use keywords or phrases that pertains or is closely if not exactly related to our sites’ main content, and if these closely-knitted words are used in your SEO campaign you will in turn get to attract the right or actual customers. For example your website is about your catering business of course you will be choosing keywords like “catering” or “food service” and not “how to prepare” or “eat”, what would be the effects if you chose the latter keyword or key phrase? Well not only will you be attracting a myriad of searchers you will also mislead these searchers.

Expect more click-through. This is due to the fact that your keywords are actually closely if not exactly  associated with your website content.

Right customers equals conversions. Of course one of the main reasons why we actually would like to make sure that we have the right customers’ visiting our website is because we want potential conversions to be transformed to actual conversions or sales.

Having a well thought-out keywords will give you and your Search engine optimisation team a degree of confidence, this is because it will give you or your SEO company content writers familiarity in the keywords and how they should be integrated in your websites’ content.

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When it comes to domain names and search engine optimisation it is normally easier said than done. Domain names are a powerful tool when optimising a website. Say for example you wanted to rank for London Carpet Cleaning, probably the best domain name you can get would be londoncarpetcleaning.(xxx) because the keywords are in the title.

The advantages of getting a domain name with your keywords in it are that Google will give this site more weight for having the keywords in the domain name, as it must be related to this subject for the keywords to be in the domain name. Also when searching don the list of search results on Google and the other major search engines the keywords will be shown in bold. This  means that your whole domain name will be shown in bold on a search for “london carpet cleaning”.

The only disadvantage to this is that most of the domains that are like this have been taken because of this reason. If you are able to find a domain name with your keywords in it then you are extremely lucky, especially if it is a .com or extention at the end of it. However if you can’t find your keywords in a domain name, its not the end of the world, there are many extensions left, with new ones comming out all of the time, for example: .net, .eu, .biz, .info

To try to get your keywords in your domain name, there are a few other tricks that you can try to get what you really want, including adding a – between words, for example: london-carpet-cleaning.(xxx) or even l0ndoncarpetcleaning.(xxx), here I have put a zero in rather than “o” at the beginning.