Keywords are essential part of any search engine optimisation campaign. The writing of your article and the building of your links depends on the keywords that you would like to target. This is why it is important that you target the right keywords. How do you target the right keywords you say? Well you have to do actual keyword research where you compare the different keywords according to the number of traffic through the number of search usage and the competition difficulty based on how many websites and web pages utilises the same keyword.

To conduct proper keyword research processes for your search engine optimisation needs you have to have a keyword research tool that will give you accurate results on what you want. There are of course some keyword research tools that are sold in the market however many would prefer to have a free keyword research tool just like the one provided by Google, the Adwords Keyword Tool.  Unfortunately, Google’s keyword tool is not one hundred percent accurate and it might cause problems in your SEO campaigns later on once you discover the inaccuracy of the data you got. If you have an adwords account and have utilised adwords before you might have in your possession a very valuable keyword tool which is the search query data.

The search query data is a lot more accurate tool for keyword research because it provides the following:

1. True Performance Data – since this is from your Adwords campaign for your own website, the search query data will contain actual website outcomes, there is no estimate and no guessing only true data.

2. Targeted Data – the search query data is unique to your website it does not come from any other source or does it track any other website except yours. So the data gathered or contained within the search query data if only for your site and your competitor could not even access it.

3. Actual CPC Data – again since this is focused on an actual Adwords campaign the cost per click data is not an estimate unlike those that are presented in Google’s Keyword Research Tool. With the true value of your cost per click data you will be able to put an actual value on your SEO campaign and how much should you put into the said campaign.


This method of course is applicable if you have already worked with Adwords for your website, if you haven’t this is something which you should try in order not only to conduct  a PPC campaign for your site but also gather relevant and useful data for your future SEO campaigns.

Many have tried search engine optimisation and yes many have failed and a few became successful after picking themselves up from that failure. Many fail in doing SEO because of several reasons but mainly because of lack of knowledge regarding the niche that they are trying to optimise. One thing that should be clear is that SEO does not have any set standards. Every niche has its own unique approach thus every website’s search engine optimisation campaigns are different. One problem of course is on how a starting SEO company does or consultant would know the processes or specific campaign to follow which would be effective for their specific niche? Having a strong foundation in every SEO campaign is imperative to ensure that the desired rankings will be met and such would stay firm in that desired ranking or range of rankings.

How to Start SEO Right

SEO starts not with link building or content development, the two cornerstones of search engine optimisation. Instead your research must start with research. Researching would greatly help you in your SEO campaign, why? Because by doing research you will be able to gather significant data about your niche and your website. There are two types of research which you can conduct before drawing up your plans in your SEO campaign.

Right Keyword Means Great Traffic

Before starting on any SEO campaign you should know which keyword would give your website the maximum traffic, of course you know that traffic is what gives your site’s ROI. Target the wrong keyword and you will just be wasting your entire SEO  campaign, get it right and you will be able to reap the benefits. There are several keyword research tools that are made available for you to use, where such tools would give you data on keyword difficulty and the monthly estimate of traffic that uses such keywords. Thus allowing you to determine which data would best fit your campaign.

Know Thy Competition

Second type of research that you should be conducting is through competition research. Knowing your competition does not mean just looking at their website, you should know how they have conducted their SEO campaign to give you a fair idea on how to go about with yours. By researching your competitors’ website and SEO Campaign strategies you will be able to know and improve on existing SEO campaigns focused on your niche. Researching your competitor can be done by scrutinising their websites’ pages through the sitemap, in addition to that you can research by using an application that can extract data from websites and determine the keywords or the websites that linked to their site.


Yes, content development and link building are the cornerstones of search engine optimisation but they are only effective in your campaign if you know what keyword or keywords would form the base of both your content development and link building campaigns. Conducting a good research would mean that you will be able to gather significant data that would help you in properly planning out your SEO campaign.

Search engine optimisation as everybody knows is a very tedious task, at first glance the untrained person would think that the process of search engine optimisation is a very easy task considering the fact that you would just sit in front of your computer and just click and type on your mouse and keyboard respectively. But once you immerse yourself in the process of search engine optimisation you will realise that it is not really that easy, it requires creativity, intellect and a good understanding of both the technical and the creative aspects of search engine optimisation and other areas related to online marketing.

The Process of Search Engine Optimisation

The following are the breakdown or the different steps on how search engine optimisation is done, of course what we are presenting here are just the basic or the structure of an entire SEO process commonly done by SEO Companies and SEO Consultants. Again creativity is one factor that may get your SEO campaign into getting good results so do not stick to what we present you can take the idea and be creative in your processes.

1. Keyword Research – every successful SEO campaign is rooted on a solid Keyword research. This is because in this process you would like to know what specific keywords you would like your site will be indexed and ranked by your target search engine. So keyword research will form the foundation of your SEO Campaign.

2. Content Development – with the recent Panda algorithm update Google have already penalised websites that do not contain content that gives value to the readers. Spinned content or thinly written content are frowned upon by Google and thus would result to penalising the site having such content. This is why it is important to always write contents that are relevant, informative and creative, search engines loves indexing and ranking content that really gives value not only to the search engine but most of all for the users, thus you have to write your content for the visitors of your website not for the crawlers or search engine bots.

3.  Link Building – another of SEO ‘s cornerstone is link building, the only thing you have to understand about link building is that each link that will go to your site is a vote to your site however with the advent of the Penguin algorithm quality of link is more important than quantity and how do we determine quality? The easiest way is to determine the page rank of the website linking to your site. A higher page rank means higher quality of link.

4. Progress Monitoring – Constant monitoring is important even if you have already reached your quota or if you have reached page 1 of Google. This is because of the fact that you are competing with other websites and if you do not maintain optimisation process the competing sites may be able to overtake your site ranking and may cause the drop in your ranking.

So is SEO Easy?

There might only be four processes presented but from the processes and risks involved this makes SEO a difficult task, not to mention the fact that you are competing with thousands of other website wanting to be ranked in the first page of the search engine in your chosen keyword. Search engine optimisation is not easy but it is not impossible either, it just takes time and constant work on your website.

It is no secret that researching for the right keyword would be the very first step in any type of SEO campaign. Many SEO Companies and SEO consultants knows that every keyword entered by search engine users would allow SEO agents to identify the intentions of the searcher. By identifying the type of keyword entered by the search engine user, SEO companies and SEO consultant would be able to identify the intentions of the search engine user and may be able to correlate it with the different data gathered. From there SEO companies and SEO consultants would be able to devise new online marketing plan.

The Different Types of Keywords

1. Transactional – this type of keyword implies that the searcher or the person using the search engine is looking to acquire a specific transaction. Transaction may vary from purchasing an item online or downloading a specific file. Whatever may it be the user seeks to gain an item online, and an example of such keywords are preceded by the words “download”, “cheap”, “buy” followed by the item being searched for. Example would be “download free software”.

2. Navigation Keyword – this keyword is used by searchers whenever they want to search for specific brands like Google, Facebook or Microsoft among others. Specific brands are entered in the search engine query boxes by the search engine users in order to locate a specific website related to that brand. Businesses who have established brands of course would be benefitting from this keyword provided they have their own website.

3. Informational Keywords – this type of keyword on the other hand is used by search engine users to locate specific type of information. Usually the keywords or phrases are queries in nature. For example “what is a bee?”, “directory of SEO Companies in UK” among others. This is where longtail keyword use will be beneficial as there is a considerable amount of search engine users that are using informational type of keywords.

Conclusion on Types of Keywords

Keywords determine the type of campaign that your SEO Company or SEO Consultant would apply to your website. The type of keyword will indicate how the SEO campaign is going to be planned or drafted before implementation. Thus keyword research is imperative even before developing your content or building your links. This is why keyword research and the knowledge in the types of keywords is an important prerequisite before drafting the SEO Campaign plan.

In the world of search engine optimisation, clients who are not really informed about the different tenets of SEO would normally ask “what’s taking so long?”. This question is always being asked especially during the start of the campaign. This may be due to the fact that clients do not see any tangible results in the SEO campaign. For a client to ask such question is understandable considering the fact that the clients are investing much on an SEO Campaign where sometimes it should take Faith than hope. This does not mean however that SEO is a hit-miss or a trial and error process, it only means that because of the high level of competition rankings are not assured and it would take some time before any of the SEO strategies would actually take effect.

So What’s Taking So Long?

At the very beginning of every SEO campaign many clients would actually ask on why it is taking so long for an SEO Company or SEO consultant to implement the search engine optimisation processes or campaign. In order to dispel any doubt the following are some of the processes involved in an SEO campaign that would actually take much time.

1. Keyword Research – conducting an SEO campaign without any particular target keyword would mean that your SEO Campaign is headed towards its doom. Search engines categorises and ranks websites according to the keywords that were optimised by SEO companies and SEO Consultants. Thus if your website is ranked using a keyword which do not yield a significant amount of traffic then your SEO Campaign would have been futile. This is why it is important to undergo keyword research in order for your website to rank in a keyword that is considered to be of high traffic value.

2. Competitive Research – another form of research which should be taken into consideration is competitive or sometimes called the competition research. This type of research is geared towards knowing the competition you are up against especially on the ranking of your chosen keywords. There are times when your chosen keyword may satisfy your requirement which yields a lot of traffic however such may also have a very high competition which means it would be difficult for your site to rank using that keyword. Difficulty in ranking is possible whenever there are a lot of websites or competitions who are using the same keyword. Of course those who are more established in their ranking would be very difficult to overcome thus if there are lots of websites with established seo campaigns then it would definitely be very difficult to outrank them. This is why competitive analysis research is important in order for your to choose the keyword that will yield a high traffic but has lesser competition.


The question “what is taking so long?” in terms of search engine optimisation is answered by the fact that SEO Campaigns require careful planning and preparation; you do not just implement an SEO campaign that is not well thought off. Therefore before you start implementing different strategies like article writing and link building you have to conduct keyword and competitive research first.

Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: May 9, 2012 3:20 pm


For some time the process known as search engine optimisation have come to follow the industry standard of keyword research, content development and link building. Combining these strategies makes your search engine optimisation efforts to be very effective. The only question is how much work you will be putting into your website in order to fully optimise them. Many SEO companies and SEO consultants however, has the tendency to skip several steps in the so called SEO industry standard, this may be caused by the fact that search engine optimisation strategies are very tedious and takes considerable amount of time. Content development for one requires talent and writing skills as well as requiring time allotment in order to create a well thought out content. Link building is also a tedious task since it requires searching for quality sites and determining how you would be able to incorporate a link to your website. Keyword research also takes a considerable amount of time, which is if you are not only relying on keyword research software might cut the time considerably but reliability of the keywords are compromised.

Can I Skip Keyword Research?

Many SEO companies and SEO consultant may not entirely abandon keyword research however taking the shorter route in keyword research will do a lot of damage to your entire search engine optimisation campaign. There is a very significant reason why keyword research is the first step in every search engine optimisation strategy. This is because keyword research allows you to determine which keywords you will be targeting in your entire SEO campaign. If content development and link building is search engine optimisations’ cornerstone, keyword research is the building block of content development and link building. This is why it is very important to give due priority to keyword research, so to answer the question, can you skip keyword research? In our opinion no, unless of course keywords were already predetermined by your client.


Go ahead skip keyword research, but you have to be ready for the consequences, a search engine optimisation campaign can be compared to a ship going nowhere. This is because of the fact that there is no definite keyword to target, if in case there is a keyword but was just taken out of the creative minds of the SEO company or SEO consultant without any solid backup data supporting the viability of the keyword based on traffic then the campaign would just be a money drain, with no apparent accomplishments. So finally should you forego keyword research? Definitely not.

Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: April 16, 2012 2:42 pm


Every SEO company and SEO consultant knows that the keywords are the driving force of every SEO Campaign. This is due to the fact that keywords are the point in focus in the different SEO strategies like link building, content development and even in Pay Per Click campaigns. Keywords play a big role in search engine optimisation because of the mere fact that it is through keywords that search engine users are searching through the data over the internet. For an SEO company or an SEO consultant, determining the right keywords to be utilised for the campaign is very important however if such is used improperly it could still spell disaster to your SEO campaign. To put in perspective, it is not enough to find the right keyword such should also be used properly whether in your link building or content development efforts.

How Do SEO companies Use Keywords Properly?

There are several ways on how SEO companies and SEO consultants would use the keywords properly and these are:

1. Consider Keyword Density – every SEO company and SEO consultant knows that using the keywords too much in the content will result to an interpretation by Google where such would constitute keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is the excessive use of keywords in the content and this is considered as a black hat technique. When developing your content use the keywords at an ideal keyword density do not overuse it which may make the content to be already out of context.

2. Consider Keyword Location – there are places in the content where keywords will be most effective and to properly situate such keywords would mean better visibility from the search engines. The locations where keyword effectiveness are in its maximum would be at the site’s heading, page title and subheading.

3. Consider Type of Keywords – there are different types of keywords according to the degree of competition, the head, neck and the long tail. Where long tail would be the keyword type where there would be lots of traffic but with less competition, while the head keyword are those with high traffic but with very high competition. Using a keyword where you cannot rank due to strong competition would be detrimental to your campaign.


Choosing the right keyword should always be complimented by using such keyword properly thus it is very important to always bear in mind the different tips mentioned. Making sure that you use the right keyword and follow the right way to use them will be a good start to gaining great results for your SEO campaign.