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Posted on: July 1, 2010 8:12 am


To further the tutorial I did on scroll boxes I have decided to show you how to build a drop down box with JavaScript and css, this method is great if you want to add more content to your page but don’t want it immediately visible to any user. Below is an example of this script in action.


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The code behind this is actually really simple and is below with an explanation underneath it of each part

<script type="text/javascript">
function setHeight(height){
       $element = document.getElementById('moreinfo');
       if($ == '0px') $ = height+'px';
       else $ = '0px';
       return false;

This is the JavaScript function which changes the height of the div you have your content in, the first line (beginning with $element =) is simply assigning the element we want to hide to a variable, its less code and tidier to use throughout the script.

The second line (beginning with if( ) is the piece of code which decides wither to expand or contract the element we’re hiding, and the line underneath (beginning with else) is the decision if the “if(” returned false

The return false is simply there to stop our page redirecting to (url with the hash)

Below is the piece of code you need to add to any link, span, p element or whatever it is you want to use as your button (works on images too)


Hope you find this tutorial useful, this is a great technique for adding content for SEO Purposes