Posted by: Evaldas Balcius

Posted on: October 12, 2011 3:12 pm


In the early October Google released Google Analytics update which will allow to see Google search data in Google Analytics reports. Google search data is gathered from Google Webmaster account.

To start monitoring Google Webmaster stats in Google Analytics you have to link your Google webmaster account with Google Analytics. To do so, go to the new version of Google Analytics, click  on “My Site” – > Reports -> Traffic Sources -> “Search Engine Optimisation” and the  select “Queries” . Then you will see the window as displayed below:

Click on “Set up Webmaster Tools data sharing” and you will be directed to Google Analytics “Web Property Settings” page where you’ll have to link your analytics with webmaster tools. To link them together you have to click on “edit” as showed below.

Google Analytics search queries report contains three different reports:

  • Queries (Number of impressions, Clicks, Average Position, Click Through Rate (CTR))
  • Landing pages (Number of impressions, Clicks, Average Position, Click Through Rate (CTR))
  • Geographical Summary  (Number of impressions, Clicks,  Click Through Rate (CTR))

Posted by: Evaldas Balcius

Posted on: August 4, 2011 7:53 am


Google Webmaster tools “Fetch as GoogleBot” allows to check the Google index status of the particular web pages. Recently Google updated this funcionality and added an option to submit new URLs to Google index.

How to submit a URL to Google index?

1. Login to your Google Webmaster account. Select Diagnostics -> Fetch as Googlebot. Add URL address you want to submit to Google Index

Submit To Google Index

2. After clicking on “Submit to index”, you will see a dialog box which allows to select what do you want to submit, only one URL or all URLs linked from this page

There is a maximum 50 URL submissions per week, whilst submitting URLs with all linked pages there is 10 submissions per month. It is not recommended to sumbit every new URL address on your website. Use this tool only then when you want your new URL to be submited immediately.