Of course every SEO company and SEO consultant know that Google is the primary search engine of choice when it comes to gaining traffic due to the fact that Google has the highest number of user’s base. Google has about sixty to seventy percent share of search engine users worldwide while its competitors like Bing and Yahoo shares about twenty percent of internet users while the remaining ten percent is being shared among the different tertiary search engines. Google indeed is considered as the biggest source of traffic in terms of search engines. With that huge amount of internet users using Google the question is, is it possible to gain traffic without Google?

Other Traffic Sources

The answer is yes, there are other traffic sources other than Google and aggregating these sources may very well give enough traffic to your website to increase your readership, viewership and return of investment. The following alternative traffic sources are:

1. Social Media – ever heard of Facebook? Twitters? MySpace? And other social media websites? Well throughout the years social media websites have increased in popularity, take Facebook for example, it already have close to one billion users. This number of users from Facebook makes it a good target for gaining traffic. Many have utilised Facebook pages to create business pages to promote their products and services. How about Twitter? The limited number of characters allowed to be placed in the microblog is enough to promote your business or website to your followers just make sure that you make your Tweets interesting.

2. Social Bookmark – believe it or not there are internet users who are bookmarking websites or web content for them to easily remember the site url. Bookmarks gives a list of websites that have interesting contents in it, having your site placed in as many bookmarks as possible will guarantee a traffic flow from social bookmarks.

3. Blogs – if you cannot have your site rank in the search engine having your business promoted through blog sites which is considered as the online media will also be a good source of traffic for your website. Further, blogs have regular followers and subscribers thus if your site is promoted via blog sites you will gain visibility as well as traffic.


Well the question which you may be asking yourself is if websites could gain traffic from other sources aside from Google then should you just optimise without taking Google in consideration? Believe it or not, if you optimise your website without trying to manipulate the Google search engine you might actually get your website high into the Google search engine results page considering the fact that Google frowns upon strategies that may tend to manipulate rankings in their SERP.

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Posted on: July 29, 2011 3:52 pm


Google + has experienced a traffic decrease in the U.S. A report from Hitwise explains that not only traffic, but average user time spent on site decreased.

Google + now has had 1.79 million visits this week, just in the U.S., this is a drop of 3% for Google, now it must be said that 3% is not much and that 1.79 million visits in one week is astonishing. Nevertheless, it must be picked up on.

Not only has the number of visits fallen, but also the average time spent on site has also dropped. Average time spent on site has in fact dropped by 10% which means users are roughly spending around 6 minutes on the site.

Globally, last week Google + received 20 million unique visits. This is an astonishing amount of visits and it clearly shows that Google + has the ability to become the social networking king.

In defence of Google + it has to be said that it is still operating in its Beta stages. It is not completely open to join and you must be invited by an existing user in order to set up your own account. Google + is still undergoing updates and, imaginably, Google are now working their socks off to create the best social network they can. In addition Google has many other projects on the go and they cannot devote all of their attention to dramatically improving their social network. Google Panda 2.3 was recently released, another example of one of the company’s latest developments (and as you will know this is a point of interest as the change greatly affects SEO).

In conclusion, Google + is not suffering from users becoming less interested, this is a case of it still being in its development phase. There is no question that Google + will explode, more than it has already, when it is launched for general use in the near future.