Today Google has announced their newest algorithm update. It is a known fact that search engine algorithms like that of Google’s is very dynamic that it is regularly updated. Regular updates could be from simple to complex in the case of Google a complex update may be like the time when Google introduced the panda algorithm where there were drastic changes on how it ranks websites in its search engine results page which affected a lot of websites.

Why is there a need for algorithm update?

Search engines are on the continuous quest to developing a search engine that can return relevant and accurate results and one that would indeed increase user experience. The search engine giant is one of such company that is focused on developing accurate search engine results. This is why there algorithm must be continuously updated whenever a better set of instructions were to be developed. Another reason for a search engine algorithm update is because of the fact that some SEO companies or SEO consultants may have found some work around in the existing algorithm that may cause the manipulation of the search engine results, when the search engine catches up with the manipulation being done then it is time to update the algorithm.

What is the latest Google Algorithm Update?

Google Announcing Algorithm Update

Dubbed as the Panda refresh 3.4 by some SEO service providers, the announcement came March 24, 2012 and it was announced in the most unusual of platforms. The announcement on Google’s algorithm update was done via Twitter, with only 140 characters or less Google was able to announce their most recent update on their search engine algorithm. According to “A Googler”, the twitter handle name of Google or its agents, the new algorithm currently affected around 1.6% of the total number of websites via the internet. With only 140 characters, Google was not able to expound on the scope of the algorithm change or update. Thus, what remains to be seen still would be the particular changes done in Google’s algorithm.

What Now?

SEO companies and SEO consultants should know by now that there are a lot of things currently happening at Google, with their recent announcement on a major algorithm change regarding semantic search SEO service providers indeed should start creating SEO campaigns that would keep their rankings if not increase their rankings in Google’s search engine results page, or to take steps in developing other online marketing campaigns apart from SEO which could increase traffic flow to their target websites such as social media management among others.